My photography journey really started when I bought my first Digital SLR in 2009, a Canon 400D. I did a couple of courses to learn how to use it then decided to enroll on the T189 Open University course, which has essentially changed my life. Not only did it provide me with tons of useful information, but I met so many wonderful people who I am still in touch with today via the Flickr T189 group. We often get together for photography days and we all comment on each others work and this has been invaluable over the past few years.


I'm very proud to have had images in Explore, Front Page and have also sold a few of my images via Getty Images through the Flickr Open programme. My next goal is to have an exhibition in London at some point in the future but that will be a slow process.


I now look at life through different eyes; always on the look out for interesting things to photograph. My main interests are bold colours, modern architecture and nature (mainly flowers). I love to walk along my local streets and hunt for unusual things. My favourite lenses are my 20mm and 100mm Macro.


A number of my images are licensed by Getty Image, DO NOT use any of my images ANYWHERE without my permission!


If you fave an image of mine and have no photos of your own & no buddy icon image, I WILL block you.


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michy66 says:

Kim is a wonderful flickr friend.. Always has something lovely to say and some great photos to enjoy... Her photography shows humour, a delicate touch and such a fabulous eye for colour and composition, her flower images are simply stunning!.. You wont be disappointed when visiting her photo stream.. Michelle :-)

June 11, 2011