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曾高兴 says:

他只会说我累腿,但是我还是喜欢他拍我。 所以我会到满是蜘蛛丝的树林里站着,到破损的吴哥窟的残垣上站着,到日肯山看难看饿日出。 还有,他拍照的时候很专注的,所以显得很专业,当然,他真的很专业。

February 16, 2012

许 哲桢, I am so amazed at Xu's work displayed on Flickr. He is such an artist with great eye for distinctive compositions, fanciful processing and beautiful portrayals of pretty models. He has great themes such as traditional China images mixed with chic modern China. Xu is already a talented photographic artist!

March 16, 2011