I paint with light, not with the Photoshop.


Self-developed self-portrait (10.2008)


I mostly do pro fashion & beauty in the "real world", but here I just enjoy photography as a relaxing hobby. My sets are ordered camera-wise, only to show you that the camera doesn't really matter...


Prints available upon request:


Prints (08.2009)




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fabulous person (deleted)

A simply beautiful photostream. The use of medium format cameras and film demonstrates the photographers technical ability and true understanding of the form.The quality of composition is outstanding and I could spend all my time happily flickring through this guys work.

August 2, 2009

Piotr has a well-trained and practiced eye, and applies it to a wide range of subjects, from his professional editorial work to his street photography. His extensive use of medium format demonstrates the capabilities of the format in a variety of cameras and situations. His photostream is consistently good.

June 16, 2009