Bill Levis (TJ Cane / Kitchen Store)
Before Robert William Carl (Bill) Levis set up his own business, he was well known for lavish window displays at T.J. Cane. Kitchen Store, founded by Bill Levis (NG3107) and Bill Duke, first opened their doors 1 September 1927 at 47 Murray Street. By March 1930 a second shop opened at 25 Liverpool Street. Bill Levis and his family briefly lived upstairs. In June 1931 a second shop opened down the street at a larger and more central location at 90 Liverpool Street, next door to F. Colman, Chemist. In June 1932 the Murray Street store moved to 90 Liverpool St. as well. A move to 53 Murray Street saw them arrive and settle just in time for a major fire. 19 December 1933 a fire started in the store next door. The fire came across and up the back of Kitchen Store - the roof collapsed and a lot of stock was lost. Bill Levis bought out Bill Duke in 1934. In 1955 99-101 Elizabeth Street was purchased; two buildings pulled down and newly-built premises were opened April 1956. After the death of Bill Levis, his son Kevin managed the shop until 1977.

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