A Mysterious Place With No Name
Digital art created from a blank canvas. No actually photo was harmed or manipulated in the making of these pieces.

If you are so inclined and of course, have the time, I find, viewing this series is best Full Screen on Black ("L" on keyboard, F11)...and with the music, even better! Cheers!

*Of note: In the old days, if you chose a way out of the place to geo-tag your image, Flickr would say it was "a mysterious place with no name" and all my dabc stuff was done so. However, that doesn't happen anymore so, I chose a way out of the place and just starting plunking 'em all down there. I have never been to Jan Mayen but, would dearly love to go one day.

**Of further note: Sometime back, Flickr brought back the "mysterious place with no name" designation and thus, my creative, digital art lab was moved from Jan Meyer to... well... a mysterious place.
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