8bar team at 8bar Gravelo 100 - Brandenburg
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Shady green woods, crystal-clear lakes, narrow riverbanks, sandy forest paths and the finest gravel roads – in this fantastic scenery you could be cycling soon. The 8bar GRAVELO 100 offers you many possibilities. Also in your region!

The Gravel series, which will take place in September 2020, challenges us to get on our bikes and ride out into nature off the beaten track.

The principle is simple: We want you to get out of your everyday life and have a good time on the bike. Ride 100km on mainly unpaved roads within 24h. Where you will be riding is entirely up to you. The only condition: A maximum of 30 km should be ridden on paved roads. Why? Because you will get to know your surroundings from a completely new perspective and you can look for entirely new routes.

Photo credits: Stefan Haehnel
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