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2016 September 2 ~ Brocchi's cluster (Cr-399) in the constellation Vulpecula | by
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2016 September 2 ~ Brocchi's cluster (Cr-399) in the constellation Vulpecula


Photographed at Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

(285 km by road north of Toronto)

* Temperature 12° C.


* Total exposure time: 6 minutes

* 540 mm focal length telescope





This bright grouping of stars - which is faintly visible to the unaided eye just outside the band of the Milky Way in the northern hemisphere summer sky - is also known as the "Coathanger" because of its distinctive shape. It was first described by the Persian astronomer Al Sufi in the year 964 CE. This group of stars in not a true cluster, with a common origin and gravitationally bound together. Rather it is a chance random alignment of stars along the line of sight as seen from our solar system.


To the left of Brocchi's Cluster is NGC 6802, a densely packed and slightly oval open cluster of stars lying 3700 light years from our solar system, and a total brightness of 8.8 magnitude.


For a version of this photo WITH LABELS, click on your screen to the RIGHT of the photo, or click here:



Technical information:


Nikon D810a camera body on Teleview 101is apochromatic refracting telescope, mounted on Astrophysics 1100GTO equatorial mount with a Kirk Enterprises ball head


Six stacked frames; each frame:

540 mm focal length

ISO 4000; 1 minute exposure at f/5.4; unguided

(with LENR - long exposure noise reduction)


Subframes registered in RegiStar;

Stacked and processed in Photoshop CS6 (levels, brightness, contrast, colour saturfation, sharpening)


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Uploaded on September 5, 2016