BC First Nations
In honour of the City of Vancouver Year of Reconciliation, Vancouver Public Library’s Special Collections division is presenting an album of photographs on BC First Nations History from the Historical Photographs collection. By sharing these images with First Nations communities and the general public throughout BC and beyond, we aim to create a better understanding of First Nations History and to acknowledge the contributions of First Nations people in the history and development of British Columbia.

“Reconciliation is an opportunity for all Canadians to renew relationships, based on a shared understanding of our histories and our cultures and walk a path together for a shared tomorrow. To ‘reconcile’ is to weave a stronger and more vibrant social fabric, supported by the unique and diverse strengths of Canadians and their communities,”

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph

Note: Some presentation in the photographs and wording in captions may reflect a bygone era, and are not reflective of current attitudes and values.
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