Rachel&Craig After-session
San Francisco. The city by the bay, and boy what a beautiful day by the bay it was. Craig and Rachel contacted us via email a few weeks prior to the shoot for their honeymoon. They hail from beautiful North Carolina and fell in love at the University of North Carolina (that's where Michael Jordan played college basketball at). Both were visiting San Francisco for the first time, so we had the great chance to get to show them around. We were both 1) super-excite and 2) super-estatic when we got the chance to make a day meeting them and having a blast.

Our day started on Baker Beach. We walked through the blistering cold to our "spot" and Rachel and Craig sported a traditional San Francisco fleece. (you are not ready for San Francisco weather without the fleece! - burrrr). Climbing on rocks, running through the sand, walking almost nonstop Rachel and Craig had so much energy and love that it expressed through the lens so naturally. We opted for something warmer, so we made a quick stop through the Palace of Fine Arts and landed at the Embarcadero. Gosh! I'm sure it was at least a 10 degrees difference (seriously!) just traveling a few miles into downtown SF. Rachel and Craig sported a new look and they were off to the second half of the session.

Throughout the Friday, we conquered the crowded Embarcadero, Ferry Building, Justin Herman Plaza, a rocket ship, a Cable Car, the TransAmerica building and jumped through the Port of San Francisco. We carried around our equipment like it was nothing because it didn't feel heavy at all. We laugh, told jokes and shared stories together.

We had a great time capturing Rachel and Craig and wish them the best as they embark on this journey together.

~Wilson & Lelan
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