Nathaniel Newborn Session
We were so excited to hear that Jessica's aunt Lisa had a baby boy recently. Lisa wanted us to shoot her newborn, Paul Nathaniel Cruz III at her home in Newark, CA. Once we saw the newborn, we knew off the bat why Lisa called him Nathaniel. He looked so pretty, and sweet. Her home was filled with awesome natural light and it was a blistering day in the Bay Area. It was great to use the sunlight that was diffused with shades to shoot natural pictures. When we got there, Nathaniel was still awake, so we got some pictures of him while his eyes were open. Lisa helped him fall asleep with some TLC and milk. Once he was mostly asleep, we had Nathaniel in some cute baby poses that will make you want to scream "So cute"!. These pictures are so precious that it reminds us of how important life is. Lisa, I hope you enjoy these pictures we shoot! And welcome to the world Nathaniel. :)
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