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Not really Back, but had a thought I felt was worth working out by writing it all down...


When I started photographing people who were beyond my circle of friends, I sought out people with an interesting look, people with character in their appearances. People who were attractive, but in a way that was, hopefully, not as cookie-cutter as I'd see in magazines.


And almost all those people, in the beginning, were white. Race wasn't something I thought about, when looking for subjects.


It was years before I realized this was typical of internet portraiture, at the time, and that it was something I needed to correct.


I've spent the last few years being far more active in photographing people from all kinds of backgrounds, though I could do more. It's difficult, breaking out of old patterns, but it's always worthwhile.


Different races, different body types, different genders. Even if it's unconscious, it's creatively limiting, and it also contributes to a particular systemic bigotry.


If you look back at your work, and all your subjects look the same...might be time to broaden your horizons.

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Taken on April 22, 2020