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Zoom Zoom | by meg price
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Zoom Zoom

Haha, love this one; taken on our summer holiday in Wales. We were on our way down to the beach and Barney'd been racing ahead, as usual, but when I lost sight of him, I called him back and this was his joyful return!! Barney's recall is absolutely fantastic, for which I am very grateful because he is much, much too quick to be caught if he didn't want to be. Whistling him, calling his name, or even just asking "What's this?" will have him flying back to me as though his life depended on it - usually with a big grin on his face :)


He is so happy to come back because he knows that nine times out of ten, once he's checked in with me, he will be allowed to run off once more, or I might even be calling him for a game of fetch or something exciting like that.... In fact, he's sometimes a little over-enthusiastic about returning to my side. I have been crashed into on many times - usually when I've bobbed down to take a photo - like this one (although I stood up quickly enough on this particular occasion!). Over the past few months he's got a little better at restraining himself and now normally veers off to one side at the last second, skids to a halt at my feet, or else whips round as he reaches me and sits facing the way he's just come from (a not so subtle hint for me to let him go again!)...


The only time he doesn't come rushing back is when he's heading to the stream he plays in every morning on his walk. Once he's started running towards that, there's no point calling his name because he's deaf to all shouts - he HAS to play in the water!! Once he's had a splash around, he does briefly jump up the bank and check I'm following along behind and haven't veered off on another path and left him! Then he disappears again into the water, to dig for buried treasure or whatever it is he thinks is hidden under the stream...

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Taken on June 27, 2010