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Yellow maple at the Lost Lake | by Patrik Estius
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Yellow maple at the Lost Lake


There are many legends surrounding the Ekenäs Castle and every castle worth its salt has obviously Ekenäs several resident ghosts.


One of those eerie legends relating Earl Mauritz Vellingk (1651-1727) who was a general, diplomat, adviser to the Swedish King and Governor General of Bremen-Verden. When Frederick I, King of Sweden ended Vellink in conflict with him as the Earl urged the Holstein throne while the king took a stand for the hannoverska.

King Frederick I chose to show the privy Parliamentary committee documents relating to secret loans Vellink taken in Prussia for the Swedish state's behalf. Vellink arrested and sentenced to lose lives, honor and property. The punishment was changed, however, before it could be implemented and mitigated to imprisonment of Linköping Castle, loss of Vellinks councilor position and his shield of Nobility.

Vellink were never to sit in prison in Linköping, on his way to, he died in Mjölby inn.


It is not, however, Earl himself haunting in Ekenäs, but a boy as he let incarcerate in a vaulted cellar. It is said that when problems began to pile up for the count, he was looking up a bunch of important documents, placed them in the heaviest coffin he could find and took the help of a poor shepherd boy to dump the casket in the lake Teden just outside the castle.


In order not to let the shepherd boy, whose name was Nils, reveal what happened sounded Vellink turn him into a cellar. From this point on the various stories a bit apart. Some argue that Vellink from the start sounded mura the door to the vault for the boy would die there. Others say instead that the door was not walled up, but the idea was that the boy would eventually be released, but that he had forgotten where (or Vellink arrested and therefore could not return for placing Nils). Eventually Nils died of hunger and cold, and when the corpse eventually found bricked it up to hide what happened. Regardless, Nils became a ghost who still said to haunt Ekenäs.


According to legend, one should certainly not try to enter "Nisse's den" because then something bad happen with both Ekenäs Castle and its owner. There are also stories of people who tried not gone far before they hit by acute illness or horrific accidents.

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Taken on November 4, 2016