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Day 311 of Year 7- Eight Questions | by Pahz
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Day 311 of Year 7- Eight Questions

Over in We're Here!, we're answering eight questions about ourselves...


1. if you could go back to any time in your life, what would you photograph? I grew up in Alaska and I never thought I'd leave. (it was the longest stretch of living in one place- Dad was a career soldier). I would take more scenery photos and I would make my mom be in more photos. She hated to have her picture taken, so there aren't a lot of them in our albums.


2. what kind of picture do you find the least interesting? I don't know that I find anything uninteresting, but I'm not into babies or young kids. I think it's great you take pics of your kids, I just don't enjoy looking at them.


3. which picture took you the most courage to take (or publish)? The first time I did a full-body shot when I gained all the weight. I felt disgusting and I hated how I looked. I still hate how my body looks, but at least now I learned how to pose my face.


4. what do you admire most in other people’s photography? I could give specifics about different people I know through the ren faire that take amazing photos, but that'd take too long. I admire them because they will do what they can to get interesting perspectives on the same exact photos we've all taken at the faire.


5. if you could follow someone around for a day, who would that be? For learning- Jared Polin (of Fro Knows Photo) and for fun and photo-ops, President Barack Obama and/or Michelle Obama.


6. which shot would you never post on Flickr? I'm not a fan of the sitting-on-the-toilet photos and I can't bring myself to do a middle-finger photo. Somehow I think my parents would be disappointed in me if I did.


7. what is unphotographable? I don't want to get overly political, but the word means "fart" over in the UK.


8. if you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?




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Taken on December 20, 2016