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Un train peut en cacher un autre


One train may be hiding another


HDR Efex

The original picture was overexposed outside and underexposed inside the train, with a loss of details in the seats and in the buildings and the train outside. The crossing train (the blue, red, green motion blur) was very blurry. The HDR process help recovering details in the seats and in the background. It also makes the motion blur more transparent thus revealing some details of the train in the background.

Zebras in the Okavango Delta, Botswana


Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.


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Wish you all a happy day

macro mondays ... two ...

hmm !


not many leaves left now

Have a nice evening

Duisburg, Germany 2020


Merry Christmas to all of you!

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More Star of Siam in bloom Yesterday!

Oasi di Sant'Alessio

United States , Utah

texture: French Kiss


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As I'm not mobile till late in the day, my girls have taken this deteriorating lifestyle in their stride.


So patient and forgiving, they've really proven to be the most wonderful companion dogs to me.


With love and total acceptance as how things are, Miss Woolly and her lil' sis just wait for me till I'm up and about.


We do get out somewhere most days in the late afternoons to early evenings.


Then back at home, they wait faithfully, trusting they will eventually get their gourmet dinner, as by then I'm so exhausted from so little activity it takes such a long time to organise it.


They are my blessings and I am grateful for the Woolly Love that pervades my home...




For this month's 12MonthsforDogs group project:

"Love is all around"…


I hope I can continue..

Aeroporto de Brasília.

Just a shot straight from my smartphone


Modeling : Me

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2. Beitrag zur DOG-Monatsaufgabe Juli 2021

Playing with my stairs-photo 'Different' (see first comment box), to create Abstract 2.

Used that photo 4 times and enhanced the colors.


Happy Weekend ;-))

In a town this small one doesn't have to look too long for a parking space! We have two main streets that run north-south. This view is east-west and is mostly empty buildings these days.

at Pirinopolis village, Goiás, Brasil

Irix 2,8/150 mm Macro 1:1

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