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Strobist : AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox camera right. Triggered by Cybersync.


Don't like guns?


Strobist : AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox camera right. AB800 with gridded HOBD-W overhead. Triggered by Cybersync.


Don't like guns?


I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the men who are standing up for their wives, their daughters, mothers, sisters. I saw many signs at the rally men were holding up that said, "I'm With Her" and the arrows were pointing to the women and/or girls they were supporting. I have a problem with the fact that all of the anti-choice legislation is decided on by men as a majority. But, I have an even larger problem with men who don't see the problem with this and who want to control women and our bodies and choices.


Thanks to the men out there who recognize it is unethical to speak for women and who support women every day in making their own choices.


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Womankind magazine Issue No. 15, Feb-Apr 2018, Yak: The Skill of Happiness. Womankind is an ad-free newsstand women's magazine from Australia. I edited out some of the words and titles on this magazine cover.


Brays Books, Balmain, Sydney, Australia (Monday 23 April 2018)

I have no idea how much of my personal life I should get into right now here. I'd be glad to say plenty but I'm about to leave for several destinations. (I just looked up "errands" definition and am not certain it literally applies perfectly). Ask me whatever you may wish to know, and in any case, Happy safe Holidays to you all!


Thanks to Gwyneth Price for the photo, as I can't hold it far from my face and I wanted to post one of me that was not so closeup this time.

Just as important in capturing people protesting to me is the people watching the protest. Sometimes, I see expressions of awe and other times disgust. Still other times, I see confusion or a blankness because it takes some time to process your surroundings when they change so drastically with so much noise and lack of space. I don't believe this woman was actually part of the protest..I could be wrong...but she was moving in the opposite direction of the crowd and was not carrying a sign or showing any other symbol that aligned her with the protestors.


When I hadn't really thought through this issue, I used to think that perhaps the priorities of these people were just different and that they didn't agree or just were lazy. But, what people don't seem to get and what I've come to the realization of is that protesting is an exercise of privilege, not just in terms of living in a "democracy" but in terms of having the means to take off from work and having the ability to get to the actual place and dedicate that amount of time. Some people work two jobs and can't find child care. Some people are also afraid to take their children because they don't know what kind of a protest it might be. I have only attended peaceful protests but I can understand still having that concern. Some people also don't live near a city where there is a protest occurring even though they might want to be involved or they prefer to be involved in other politically active ways.


Still, some people don't feel welcome because of the color of their skin and others may be illegal immigrants and fear deported. These are all really important matters to consider when you think about how we're stronger in numbers. I've seen a couple of signs that state that human being is there protesting for those who can't be there. That includes all the people with disabilities whose health care is being taken away, all the trans people who feel they may be murdered for who they identify as, all of the immigrants hiding from unjust and insanely cruel ICE agents. That also includes all of the people who have witnessed police brutality and don't want to be killed because of their race by the police officers at the protest. That also includes those working three jobs to pay the rent who can't take time off of work.


Protesting is a luxury. If you can, do so. But keep in mind how difficult it is for some even contientious human beings to do so, especially in this political climate. We all lose out by hearing these unique voices and their life stories. It devalues who we are as a Nation.


**All photos are copyrighted. Please don't use without permission***

“Don’t tell me my writing is misogynistic or anti-feminist just because I or my heroines like to be controlled in the bedroom and find great satisfaction and freedom with it. That is the most anti-feminist statement I have ever heard. Feminism is all about letting women be who THEY want to be. Not how YOU want them to be...I am both a feminist AND a submissive in my sexual fantasies and reality. You are the one who is anti-feminist who tells me I can’t be.” ~ R.B. O'Brien

Zoom in on her Buttons . . .


Interesting bike . . .

She looks better on a regular size MTM. Her name is Nikki.

Composición realizada con los elementos de un escaparate y los reflejos de una ciudad, como protesta contra la violengia de género.

Composition with elements of a showcase and the reflections of a city, as a protest against the violengia of gender

Parading In Portland


Her shirt reads "We should all be feminists"

DISCLAIMER: This is a campy parody pic.


This is what some people seem to think I spend my time in SL doing. Cuz, "feminism," right?


Yeah, no.

This is indeed what a Feminist looks like.




Rob liked the look. I was hot after nesting for 3 hours straight. I found this to wear and he snapped it.

This morning I logged on to Market Place to find an Ally Shirt for International Womens Day. Every single shirt available for sale was derogatory, sexist and antifeminist. There was not a single option available for male Allies. So I made one. I wanted to give this shirt away for free, however the regulations under mesh transfer require it be sold. This shirt is available through EPOCH for 100L. We will also make it available on marketplace. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU. Bloggers message me, I will give it to you for free under the group charter.


Happy International Womens Day. Rock on Sistas.

ladyfest ie. that's allison wolfe from bratmobile and cool mom's!!!

I love this outfit that I picked up from this month's C88. <3

for more information, land store ... follow the link below...

credits: Nessa Eu Vou  

Jahlly Knowles facebook

My music play: - BEYONCÉ: Feminist

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A sculpture of Fredrika Bremer outside the secondary school in Handen. She lived and worked in Haninge. I was a student here many years ago.

Desperate marketing.

The call of anarko-woman to the change the structure of patriarcal society.





October 18, 2020: Women's March NYC

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