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(Anser indicus) The bar-headed goose is a goose that breeds in Central Asia in colonies of thousands near mountain lakes and winters in South Asia, as far south as peninsular India. The bar-headed goose is one of the world's highest-flying birds often seen at heights of over 28,000ft. The birds seen in the UK are thought to be descendants of escapees from collections and this small breeding colony of geese is well established at Grange over Sands in Cumbria.

To love is to feel the pressure of the absent body against our own

Widespread in summer across northern Europe and Asia, this godwit also crosses the Bering Strait to nest in western Alaska. Big, noisy, and cinnamon-colored, it is conspicuous on its tundra nesting grounds. Bar-tailed Godwits from Alaska spend the winter in the Old World.

Bar-tailed Godwits are common on sandy estuaries in winter but not common at all away from their regular coastal sites. One regular site is the Humber Estuary where I photographed this. The British population is about 50,000 in winter, but they have never bred in Britain. They breed on Arctic tundra adjacent to the Arctic Ocean from Lapland right across to Alaska but these eastern populations do not winter in Britain. Those from eastern Siberia winter in West Africa but stop off to refuel in Britain on their way back north in May. The ones from Alaska winter in New Zealand but they make the 11,000km journey without stopping and it takes them about 7 days to complete.


The names of both British Godwits were coined in 1828 by John Fleming in his History of British Animals. Prior to that Bar-tailed was known as the Common Godwit (or simply Godwit). while Black-tailed was unhelpfully called "the second sort of Godwit" by Ray (1678) then later Red or Red-breasted Godwit in the mid eighteenth century. That wasn't very helpful as both species are red in breeding plumage. Though non-breeding Black-tailed often spend the summer in Britain when they are largely red, whereas Bar-tailed don't usually over-summer here so we only see them red for a short time in spring. Its scientific name Limosa lapponica acknowledges its muddy feeding habitat (Limus=mud) and its nearest breeding area in Lapland (lapponica).

Rhythm and Roots, Bristol, VA)

Taken at Eagleby Wetlands Reserve.


Common throughout northern and eastern Australia, the Bar-shouldered Dove inhabits a range of forests ad woodlands which support dense or grassy understorey, with nearby open areas and wetlands. Surprisingly, they also occur in mangroves, and are considered to be a mangrove specialist in some regions.

Sadly. no longer in exists, but was located in East Baltimore on Dundalk Avenue.

Pero que conste que yo no soy el de la foto.



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Bar-sur-Aube is a French commune with 4902 inhabitants and the capital of the arrondissement of the same name Bar-sur-Aube in the Aube department in the Grand Est region. The inhabitants are called Baralbins. Paris is 207 kilometers away, Troyes 52 kilometers. Wikipedia


Monk Bar is the largest and most ornate of the bars, it dates from the early 14th century. It was a self-contained fortress, with each floor capable of being defended. On the front of the bar is an arch supporting a gallery, including 'murder-holes' through which missiles and boiling water could be rained down upon attackers.


Monk Bar has the city’s only working portcullis, in use until 1970. Like the other main gateways, Monk Bar originally had a barbican on the front. This was demolished in 1825.


The rooms above the gateway have had various uses over the years, including as a home and as a jail for rebellious Catholics in the 16th century.




Window of the headquarters of De Nederlandsche Bank (The Duch Bank) from 1867 until 1968.

The current owner has painted the bars matte silver, although you can't see that very clear in this B&W. :-)


The slightly visible lamp behind these bars repeats in some way the patterns.


PIcture has been taken on a sunny March 24, 2017


one of my favourites in Barcelona..

Vila Madalena - São Paulo

An outdoor bar awaits its evening crowd.

Marina Park Pathway, Emeryville, CA

Usually seen in Asia and Europe, this lone Bar-tailed Godwit (most likely a juvenile) is a rare visitor to the Bay Area and, for that matter, most of North America. Since its surprising sighting a couple of weeks ago, it has attracted many birders to the Emeryville shoreline along the south side of Powell Street. It seems comfortably mixed with flocks of its distant and slightly bigger relatives Marbled Godwits (16 vs. 18 inches in average length). Note its namesake barred tail and rump.

• BAR Z gacha by Zerkalo @ Kustom9


Credits on blog


Picture taken @ Stand'Art Studio

Thanks to Zara for beeing my model during the seance♥


What the Dickens!


an English bar in Ebisu, Tokyo



Was invited to shoot for a bar event in Tokyo. The event was a series of plays, coupled with musical performances by Filipino artists based in Japan.


Dulawitog is a combined name for Dula, Awit at Tugtog (play, songs and sounds)

Cool ghetto bar we found. Hongdae is littered with tiny, slightly dilapidated bars and bbqs to be discovered.

Looking down to Loe Bar after a long walk looking for, but not finding much in the way of wildlife, thankfully and as usual I was loaded up to the gunnels and had my Landscape kit with me so didn't go home empty handed :) Taken on 25/05/2015.


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Outro boteco raíz no bairro de José Pinheiro. Eu não gosto da raposa, mas a comida nesse bar é boa.

Bar ,almacén de campo

Visiting the Klapa Bar in Bali, Indonesia.


Klapa is an ultra-stylish dining and drinking complex in Bali. It is perched high on the cliffs overlooking the azure Indian Ocean. The menu is inventive and modern, boasting South Asian fusion cuisine and has a large vibrant cocktail bar with a dizzying array of tropical long drinks to choose.


More about Klapa :


View on Black


What is better and more relaxing than having a nice Cigar at the Bar?

Bar Rouge at the Hotel Rouge, 16th ST, Washington, DC...a Kimpton Property

Wikipedia: The bar-backed partridge (Arborophila brunneopectus), also known as the brown-breasted hill-partridge, is a species of partridge in the family Phasianidae. It is found in southwestern China and Southeast Asia.


Conservation status: Least Concern


Founded on December 5, 1933, the bar's most famous patrons were Ernest Hemingway and the infamous rum runner Habana Joe. On November 1, 2006, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Bar-Tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica) | Pulicat 2017 | Canon | Copyright : Aravind Venkatraman

This is another photo of the Margaret Todd schooner in Bar Harbor, Maine during a mid September sunrise. (image 34A2558) Please also visit:


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Pärnu (en alemán: Pernau; en ruso: Пярну) es una ciudad estonia ubicada al suroeste del país, en las orillas del golfo de Riga, y capital del condado de Pärnu. Se trata de la cuarta ciudad más habitada de la República de Estonia con unos 47.000 habitantes, y es reconocida como principal destino vacacional en el país por su playa de arena blanca, los balnearios y el río Pärnu que cruza el casco histórico. Fue utilizada como destino vacacional incluso durante la dominación soviética por la "élite" del régimen (Vacaciones obligatorias). (Wikipedia)

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Bar Cafe Fabriken, Furillen

Bar on MSC Fantasia

re-uploaded (with few changes).

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