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On behalf of every man

Looking out for every girl

You are the guide and the weight of her world




Photo by my handsome hubby bon.chenaux of him, myself, our 3 year old Anglee and baby boy cooking in the oven ♥ Our 2 year as a family comes on May 9th :)

and this is the little imp that was sitting so snuggly between his parents in the previous shot...this time exploring his territory and always with its eye on me!

'Family Tree' is a macro photograph of a dandelion.

My lovely mom - Falbala

My dear dad - Khronoz


Here we go the most important person in my journey from now on. Of course my ex partner is the person who begin everything and I m very thankful for that, he still got my heart. But I have to keep moving and move on. My mom been there since before guiding me (yess been a while and no....noo I m not hiding her or my dad just that I prefer you know me for me not the shadow of my SL parents) and papa complete me and now I fell stronger with both of them by myside. Thank you mom and dad for the trust, believe me I can't ask for more. And to all my friends, I m still me (Miss Clumsy), that's I promise you. ❤❤ Hugss

*fingers snap*

You might think that we all loco

But this family 'bout to go global

The Asteraceae Family, to be precise

As a birthday present to me, my daughter (who is wearing her handsome male avi) sat down with me for a fun in world rare portrait. My pride and joy, the next artist of the family! Thank you my peach for this once-in-a-lifetime moment♥YES my real life child.

Family Portrait.♔319♔

Whether it be a occasion or a general get together it is always good to have a family portrait to look back on over the years.


.:Chloe Poses:. - Happy Birthday.

Great little pose for them get togethers with your family or friends, holding that moment in your heart on a photo to keep forever.

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• Top and pants ' TENA' by Amias at @Cosmopolitan


• Sandals ' Aiko ' by N-Core


• Dogs ' Boxer Bedlam ' by JIAN


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Thank you very much for all your support!

Spending some quality time with two of the people that matter most to me on the grid.

I love you mom and dad ♥


[..::CuCa Designs::..] - Family Portrait

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chair not included

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Περνώντας χρόνο με την οικογένεια, ένα γλυκό καλοκαιρινό βραδάκι στo "2o σπίτι μας" στηΓερμανία.


Spending time with family, on a sweet summer evening in our "2nd home" in Germany.

Sidmouth lies on the Jurassic Coast and the coastline is dominated by the vivid red sandstone cliff which date back to the Triassic period. Along the front is the Millennium Walkway which stretches the length of the beach, which is made of pebbles, providing the perfect background for an afternoon stroll. Sidmouth Beach is a perfect family friendly beach, ideal for safe swimming and rock pooling at low tide with great on site facilities.

- It is from here that we start our journey for today; where to go, what to eat, and what to do for fun, The Brown Horse Family, AZ. -

Seems like we are always waiting for one or two! Three is running in and four was on his way! :)

Family picnic at the Bow river, this was indeed one of the most cherished moments photographing wildlife.

i love my family. when we all got together the other night, dressed up, and stood in poses for what felt like hours - it was amazing. i had tons of laughs and encouragement from you all as i streamed my editing. i also had a few choice words for my smelly laptop (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)


i cannot tell you all how amazing it is to have such an awesome group of people that i can proudly call my family. they have been nothing but supportive to me. without these guys having been my friends for as long as they have been, i would have not been on SL for the 3 years that i have been. they have encouraged me to try new things, be confident in myself, and to never give up when i fail. i cannot thank them enough for helping shape me into a better person that i am today.


also, thank you Maxx for letting me teamviewer for this photo - without your NASA computer, this would not have been possible!! ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

From our last day in Ibiza♥

I was lucky enough to spend some time with friends and family before my break away from Secondlife. Couldn't have had it any other way!

Family play gives me the reason to live my second life.



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.::LD::. Yoshi Anime Companion

.::Little Devil::. Electric Guitar (W/B, MOCAP ANIM)


Her clothes

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NANIKA - Pam Stockings Black


Her body

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BLOOM - French Nails Bento


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A little family enjoying a peaceful Sunday.

Have a wonderful Sunday too!!! ;-))


Family is not only created by blood, but it is also created by bonds. I may not have much, but what I have I cherish with all my heart. My friends and my Claus are my families ♥

Huggies! Stay safe!

A family walking on new years day on this beautiful rural road during late afternoon. No wind so the reflection is perfect. Waterland, 2021.


Again, I would like to thank everyone for your support, views, faves and comments!

For two days now during my walks, I have passed a certain property where this family of robins were feeding. The two parents are on the left side of the image, one in front and one in back. The two fledglings are on the right, one in the front and one in the back.


The parents were racing about this patch of ground, pulling up worms just as fast as they could to feed their begging youngsters. I had to laugh to myself- the young birds were standing on the same productive ground as their parents and they watched them digging into the dirt, but they made no attempt to hunt worms on their own. Nope, they just cried and begged and held their beaks open until a worm was jammed down their gullet. It only took two seconds of swallowing and the begging sounds started right up again :)

Family portrait of a mother Mute Swan with her very young cygnets, New York

Ania Tuzel© All rights reserved


Have a great week, everyone! Many thanks for visiting :)


Happy Birthday Dear Angie!!! <3


It was about time to do another family photo and what a better way then while robbing a bank *cough*. Thank you security guy for taking the photo, how nice of you! (it's not like someone was pointing a gun at you or something to make it perfect.. bad, bad Kas!)


I'm so happy to call you my family, lots love to you Angie, Fine and Kas. Cheers to many more adventures to come and zen times ;) ! <333


Angie's Version <3

Fine's Version <3

Kas' version <3




Mushroom Family

Family of Herons


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We post our best photos or “masterpieces” from our captures, have you ever remembered the daily chores and errands in our daily life? 😉


Do you know how to cook the delicious dishes…?

Do you know how to make the laundry clothes fresh and neat…?

Do you know how to keep the house clean and tidy…?

Do you know how to clean the toilets properly…?

Do you know how to trim the bushes…?

Do you know how to do dish-washes quickly...?

Do you know… ?


You would be an “expert” if you do it days and years in daily life… 😉


Do you remember the embarrassing moments - you sent kid to school with clean clothes and you rushed to work with stain clothes ?

Do you remember you just cleaned the floor then it was covered with paintings again…?

Do you remember you did not sit down for 5 hours, the chores was still not done…?

Do you remember… ?


You need to have “passion” or “passions” to calm your emotions whenever that moments happened… 😉


We have Valentine's day... this day and that day, should we have "Happy Chores Day" to appreciate these invisible housework 😉 It happens every day and it affects everyone's and every family's life daily...


Have a wonderful weekend my dear Flickr friends!


A small family of Egrets nest. Mother feeds her chicks in the nest. I was in Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina yesterday. This island is a wonderland for wildlife. This area is closed to the public and you can not go into or get close to the actual feeding area. I was standing on a high sand dune next to a roadway to get a vantage point to capture this image.


Family where life begins and love never ends <3....

When I was a young child I remember wanting to touch my mother's collection of antique glass bowls and other glorious treasures placed in her elegant cabinet. She would explain which family members had previous owned the items, creating a link to past generations. Now I am the matriarch of our extended family. I find myself placing these same items in my grandson's hands and sharing what I know about the people who came before us. I almost feel my mother's presence at those times.

In the South, family reunions are a wonderful time to come together and enjoy talking about whatever. It's a happy time, with laughter, smiles and simple games, as you can see in this picture. I've learned not to take these special occasions for granted anymore. After all, it's not our possessions that make us happy. It's our loved ones and our relationships that make our lives worthwhile.

the Shadow the Bow and The Unbearable Lightness of Being (on a Family Scale)

This lynx is one year old. She is resting on top of her sister. I have posted pictures of these two when they were small earlier :-)


The recent pictures of tiny lynx cubs are of their brothers.

Bukit Daun offers us some great do-it-yourself trekking opportunities where we can explore the fresh and clean outdoors and meet hospitable locals, and stunning sunrises.

On Lake Wilcox, Richmond Hill. As York Region went from complete lock down to Red alert, families are going for some outdoor fun including playing on thin ice against posted warning.

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