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Flowers inside Munich.

Flowers in summer look like this.

I`d rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck.

Sapporo City ( My home garden ) 2018 Spring /

Columbine - コランバイン(オダマキ/苧環) /

Language of flowers - Stupid (愚か) /


At any time, The clown says the right things and invites laughter.

I love this flower. (何時の世も、道化役は正しい事を言い、笑いを誘う。私はこの花が好きです。)sae


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Forgot the name of this, I'm sure someone will be kind enough to let me know.


pearl winch:

Yes I think its a Japanese Anemone. Ours are just pink, but you must get a white one.

Sapporo City ( The central area of town / Botanical garden ) 2015 Autumn /

Aster novae-angliae - ネバリノギク (粘野菊) /

Happy Sliders Sunday!

Sapporo City ( The central area of town / Botanical garden ) 2015 summer /

Rose - 薔薇 /

Pink Rose ・Language of flowers - Thanks ( to my friend!! )

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Macro Flowers series


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Fotografía, tomada en el parque puquen, en Chile.

La flor crecía de una rama de un arbusto de mediana estatura.

Bergen , Norway , Jun 12 2016

To brighten up the grey days with rain at this moment..... an little memory of the summer with this sun-like flower!


P1790027 - Flowers

# 298 - 18 July '18 - 17:51 (12:21 GMT)


At - The garden of Naggar Castle, after the rains - Himachal Pradesh - Western Himalayas ~1850m (6070ft) Altitude.


DO YOU KNOW - The shortest gestation period known is 12 to 13 days, shared by three marsupials:

The American or Virginian Opossum (Didelphis marsupialis);

The rare water opossum, or Yapok (Chironectes minimus) of central and northern South America;

and The Eastern Native Cat (Dasyurus viverrinus) of Australia 🐾

Happy birding 🍁

Flowers and buds of the succulent, Echeveria sp. Taken some time ago.


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