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wheat field in Newport Gwent

It's all good but I recommend the fish!

Macro Mondays " Fill The Frame With Food" theme

Macro Mondays Theme

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After the drinks....

Nikon D500, Nikkor 50mm

Iso 1oo, T 1/10sec, f 8

Dark-eyed Junco


Here's one of the parents bringing food back for the chicks. Apparently this is what the babies eat five days after hatching. Since I don't go anywhere anymore the juncos didn't see a problem building a nest right next to my truck. I literally have to step over it if I want to go for a drive.

Pomegranates always been my favorite, growing up in Greece my aunt had

a tree in her yard and I was the daily visitor:-)))

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P.S my Zuzu loves them as well.

Ofenkartoffeln nach einem Rezept von Edward Espe Brown: 1 kg Kartoffeln, eine Knolle Knoblauch, 2 EL Olivenöl, Gewürze nach Beleiben. 1 Std im Ofen, 200°C, zugedeckt - besser kann man Kartoffeln nicht machen. Und Räuchermakrele dazu. Perfekt.


Oven-stewed garlic potatoes with falafel spices. And smoked mackerel.

not available at the moment

On a cold winters day you look for comfort food. Today it was in the form of waffles. I don't have a waffle maker so I uesed store bought ones, but they still filled the bill. If you want to see more of my photography please stop by the Fulcrum Imaging website at Follow us on Instagram as well @fulcrumimagingstudio.Toronto Food Drink and Product Photography by Fulcrum Imaging Studio. Copyright 2015

Corn, tofu & black bean enchiladas served with corn bread and jalapeno jelly. **LOL - This photo apparently made it into Explore. Ok. =DDD

Fried fish and various (vegetarian) snacks (notes).

Bofink / Common Chaffinch / Fringilla coelebs

Location: Bakmi GM Restaurant, Senayan City Mall branch in Jakarta (notes). All for just USD 3.









Carrot ginger soup with a "creamy" kale pepperoncini fresh lemon sauce over whole wheat shells

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Macro Mondays - Fill the Frame with Food

"World Food Stage"from chinese food..

name:Sugar-coated bullets

Made in China


Traditional candy from China, has a long history ..

Monday is not as blue with friends like you!

And this is not a damage control and there is no need to comment:-))))

my previous comment was meant only for some, and I know I don't need

to comment but I want to.

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Week 3: Red

This is what happens when toddlers eat apples. Not much!

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I made mayo!!

Nikon D500

Nikkor 105mm, f 2,8

Iso 100, t 1/20, f 3,3

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