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A macro of green calcite whith a line of rusty ore. A stack of 10 photo's. Press "Z" to zoom in or look at them in full screen!


Like Kermit (Muppets) sings "Its not easy being green" and he knows the feeling.

Reflections of green


A picture of a river and green tree reflections in a dutch forest.


I over-dyed this wool from T. The greens are so brilliant, I almost don't want to use them. I just want to keep looking at them stacked up with their edges all whispy...

Playing with water and light today.

wie eine sanfte Dünung rollen die Wellen bis zum Hoizont... durchatmen, den Wind im Gesicht spüren, entspannen...

Little ant on the way of a green leaf.


Please do not copy, use and modify any of my photographs without my explicit written permission. All rights reserved

mountain stream, Zlakusa / Potpeć, Serbia


This is a macro of a green "scrubby" thing in the kitchen (used for scrubbing).


Grün ist auch noch meine Lieblingsfarbe! Neben Rot und...

This week 05.2016 #MacroMondays theme is: #justleaves

This week 02.2019 #Looking.close...on.Friday! theme is: #green #verdes

Grüne Weinflaschen, gesehen in der Festung Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz / Germany

We've had so much rain that the place looks like a jungle! The vegetation is thick and lush!

When my mind is too full and I can not take anything anymore,


I need to go somewhere with trees.


Refleshing green is exactly what I need right now.


Complex. Simple. Beautiful. Our world. Without and despite.

Green-veined White (Pieris napi)

6 May 2018, Knowle, Solihull

A pair of green lemons in my garden, taken for the group 52 Weeks of Pix 2016 and this week's theme: Something Green.


Have a wonderful day, everyone! 😊

Macro Mondays - Green

Misyakaike Pond



The green with reflection is well known here.

One of the reason is moss of the bottom

that's grown up in the acid water.







Chino city, Nagano pref, Japan

Grüne Wunderwelt


Ährige Teufelskralle - Phyteuma spicatum,

Vielen Dank, Paul, für die Erklärung!

Another image of the green hairstreak butterfly that I uploaded a couple of days ago, this specimen was spotted on a hawthorn bush in the masts field at Prestbury Hill nature reserve.

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