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sometimes a blurred vision isn't necessarily a bad thing :)

Walking in the forest

Morninglight at the river emme near Burgdorf (Switzerland)



Everywhere the human soul stands between a hemisphere of light and another of darkness; on the confines of the two everlasting empires, necessity and free will.

-Thomas Carlyle-


Thanks for your visit and taking the time to comment so I can visit your photos, too... very much appreciated! Have a great day!🙋‍♀️


An image given a second life in these travel-restricted times.


It was taken in 2014 near Malcoff, Derbyshire and is a straight repost of the original upload. Eccles Pike can be seen in the distance.


Processed for effect I figured the title spoke for itself. Looks best full-screen.


28th April 2014

Photo from Pixabay:

Post processed in Topaz Labs/Glow/Into the Light filters


Created for Kreative People's October 2021 Contest The Art of Cars Trucks Buses:


The Art of Cars Trucks Buses


From Burbank, California.

Into the Beautiful" is the topic for Sunday ~ September 22nd, 2020 Group Our Daily Challenge

From Burbank, California.

I'm not sure what the reddish "weeds" are, but the beautiful Queen Anne's lace was snaking through them, along the fence and straight to the light.


Happy Umbellifer Day!



taken at furillen


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This link leads to a new poem in the poem section of the website.

Maybe you take a look around. There are meanwhile 3 poem 'chapters' on the website with a diverse choice of poems. I took a look yesterday - I found lots of love... :-)

Now it is the time when I need more your protection


"Oh dear what can the matter be

Princess, dreaming again

Fearful, live life more easily

Darkness, leave her in peace


Always wanting help

Will make you weak

No such place as hell

But in your dreams

Climb out of your well


Protect me

Protect me..."



Into the light

Thank you very much for your kind faves!

Slipping quietly into Portsmouth Harbour from The Solent. It was more than five years ago but I actually remember this day well, for reasons I won't relate here. It had been a good day on the water, maybe 20 degrees tops, bit of overcast but mainly bright sun, with a fairly gentle breeze remaining at this point (though a half decent wind earlier). It wasn't perfectly 'still' but I could actually hear the murmur of voices from these folks as they navigated the Channel, even though we were hundreds of yards apart. A remembered audio snapshot to go with the visual one.


© 2016 I do not plaster my images with copyright information but I do not give my intellectual property away free and it is not in the Creative Commons; it is one of the ways in which I earn my living. The fact that the images on Flickr are mainly ‘fun’ images and snapshots makes no difference to me – they are still a commercial asset. No individual, group, organisation or entity is entitled to use these images in any way shape or form, on or in any media, at any time, in any place, for any reason, without my express written consent. To do so constitutes theft and will be treated accordingly.

(small chrysanthemum - 6cm diameter)


Thank you very much for your kind faves!

Tophill Low, Yorkshire

today marks the start of the 3rd week of Arachtober here is my upteenth scatterscape


Echo And The Bunnymen - All My Colours

Into the light: Far


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Giant Maple Tree


View on Black

It was quite a climb but I was rewarded with a beautiful view. A throwback on better days :) roll on Spring

Encountered all sorts of weather on the downs at theweekend and the low cloud diffused the light in places before the rain set in!

... or Is this the way to Machrihanish?


Rather than try to be helpful as my mum and dad tried to figure out the way towards Machrihanish from Campbeltown, I shot this image through the rain-soaked car window into the setting sun :D

Last rays of the July sun this evening. And the Black Eyed Susans, and their friends, are dancing once again. 🌻🌻

Belgien / Belgium, Hohes Venn, Eupen, Ternell, Brackvenn (Süd), Dezember 2018

Cologne Cathedral, Sunday Morning after the holy Mass


"Into the beautiful" is the topic for Sunday ~ September 22nd, 2019, Group Our Daily Challenge


anf for Monday Music Mania:

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Long As I Can See The Light

A weeping Willow in some glorious conditions a couple of weeks ago.

I've had a ridiculous amount of explores over the last week or so,god knows why!,still post the same quality of images as I always do.... ;).Anyway thanks to everyone for their interest,I do appreciate it :).

On the same note I've had a ridiculous amount of people add me as a contact!,please don't be offended if I don't add you back straight away..........its hard to keep up as it is! lol

As always better on black,press L

Thanks for looking,


and more of the same from me!


another scatterscape for Arachtober and today is Webnesday too!


Metellina in her web


The Undertones - More Songs About Chocolate & Girls

He knows where he's going - he's heading into the light ! I love this scene. He looks so lost .... but he's not ! His parents are close by. So no, he's not Hansel at the edge of the big forest. He's Laurie, my grandson :o)


Hope you like this as much as I do !


Textures from Topaz, and one of my own.

Friends, for me, at least 50% of the joy of photography comes from sharing my photos with others. From my heart, thank you for your interest in, and your faves and comments on, my photos. Thank you, also, for inspiring me with your endlessly creative photos, and for all I learn from you.


As some of you know, I've been dealing with a chronic health challenge for the past 6 years. Two weeks ago, I started receiving home hospice care. It means that the doctors feel there is likely 6 months or less mileage left on this body. The good news is that hospice makes available services and support that we have not had access to until now.


This development is no surprise and is actually a relief to me, as I feel it accurately reflects what I have been feeling for some time, but now the outside world will be on the same page. I've had many experiences in my life that let me know that the spirit survives the death of the body. So, basically, I'll be leaving one party and going to a different party on another floor. I feel very settled about it. Meanwhile, I'm going to carry on with my photography as long as I can, mostly macros and indoor shots.


No need to feel sorry about my situation (I do not), or go into an emotional tailspin about this. No one gets to stay here forever; my body is simply following the inevitable course of all created forms in the cycle of life.


Love and blessings to you all. ♥




Beautiful teasels, nice when they dried, nice when they are in flower, nice for the butterflies

Female with a catch on the River Taff, South Wales..

Belgien, Hergenrath, 1974


Exa 500, Fish-Eye-Vorsatz

Couldn't resist posting one last Palouse photo from my recent trip :-). Will be traveling for the next several days so posting and commenting could be a bit limited. Happy trails.

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