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As the spirit of Ice, Kopaka inhabits the wintry slopes of Mount Ihu. Kopaka’s personality reflects his icy exterior: gruff, calculating, and coldly methodical in his actions. Although the Tohunga fear Kopaka’s great power, they also value his presence due to the protection he affords against Tahu’s fire.


On Mount Ihu, Kopaka skis up and down the slopes with ease, using his long blade to cut and melt his way through the ice and snow. With one skillful swipe of his blade, Kopaka can conjure up an avalanche. He can also use his powerful weapon to freeze anything it touches.


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Unsurprisingly, Kopaka was the most requested of the Toa Nuva so I had to save him for last. Despite having a very clear vision for him (pun unintended) he was also the last one built. iirc a month or more after the rest.


edits by everyone's favorite Buttloaf builds.


Happy 20th anniversary, Bionicle!

The second of four builds I did for October.

One of Artakha's failed experiments, this terrifying Dark Hunter is imprisoned on a remote island, guarded by a novice Toa of Ice. The Toa's days are numbered....


My summer project, nearly three months in the making. Very happy with how it turned out. Credit to AlexParkDesigns for the thigh design and buttloaf_builds for the head design.

A new addition to my modular cyberpunk cube city, NEW HASHIMA. This module features an animated LED matrix billboard custom built for this cube.

Agile and nimble, but with a hefty punch.

The latest breakthrough in frog-related technology is here..




Thanks to Ari for the edit and to MSEP for the name <3

An ancient being, eternally wandering through time

--Tribal Chief of the Tundra--


A quick 1-session build made as an experiment with the Ben 10 torso and the Glatorian ice parts. Also wanted to mess with photo editing. Mostly just wanted to obscure the wrinkles a bit lol

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lies an invincible summer.”

- Albert Camus



"Au milieu de l'hiver, j'ai découvert en moi un invincible été."

- Albert Camus


This build was inspired by a trip to the beach of Lake Huron, MI.


The use of nets to shape the sand was inspired by a build by Jan, the Creator, along with some other less closely-related uses.

Centuries after Humanity's extinction, an ancient automaton was awakened by an unknown signal. Now he scours the lunar wastes, searching for answers.


Huge thanks to Ari for the amazing edit

A bit of a sneak peak into my Faction, The Pentastar Alignment for Season 2 of Factions on Eurobricks. For anyone interested in joining the game drop a comment or shoot me a message!


The Pentastar Patrol is the primary military organization in the Pentastar Alignment. The Patrol primarily consists of Ex-Imperial military, however in an attempt to bolster numbers and reduce internal tension within the Alignment's Territory, non-humans were allowed to serve as well. Due to the Isolationist policies of the Alignment, the Pentastar Patrol is primarily responsible for protecting Alignment Worlds and Assets from Mercenary Raids. However, if the need arises, the Pentastar Patrol can be mobilized in galactic scale combat.

Watch Video Here:

More Photos Below:

Build for round 1 of the 2021 BioCup. This build is based on The Temptation of St Anthony. Turns out Dali also made his painting for a contest... (Don't check to see if he won) Thanks to Ari for the beautiful edit.

Built for Round 2 of Bio-Cup 2021!

Theme: Future Legend

Subtheme: Latin America

Based on The Mayan God of the Underworld, who is simply referred to as God L, since the reading of his name is unknown. It may have conceivably been "Ekʼ Chuah". For a futuristic spin I decided to make him as a God of Dark Matter

An aggressive drone utilized by the colonizers of the Ice Planet for... protection.


A very quick build for BZPower's Ice Planet 2020 convention circuit theme.


Credit to Jack for the head design and Red for the sword technique.


@brickisme. My latest MOC: Lego Harbour Control. Modernist building with parking.

Here's my latest build.

Lighting up the stars with style


Remake of 8555 Nuhvok-Va for New Elementary Bionicle 20th Anniversary parts festival.


Read the full article here!

CFS operatives lay a trap for Imperial Forces garrisoned on the planet Lothal.


Built for Eurobrick's Factions

Build date: June 2020


Being my favorite moc I’ve built yet, I thought it deserved to be shown with a better quality photo.


This was one of those large builds that didn’t fit in my light box, and I really struggled to get a good photo of it. After using my new umbrella diffusers, I finally got a photo that does this moc justice. See for yourself, I think there is a WORLD of difference, and I’m really excited about it.

"Respect is born from fear... obedience as well. And so fear must be restored in the hearts of those who would stand against us."


Quick little clutch build for the Dark Hunters Collab. Super inspired by Djokson's stuff.


The Shadowed One












Hordika Dragons














Shadow Stealer











Huge thanks to Buttloaf for the edit

This MOC was largely inspired by Buttloaf's Toa Whenua and these wonderful Toa Mata illustrations by Elzas


first half

second half


Initially this was going to be a more standard Toa MOC but the focus shifted pretty quickly. I see this as something closer to my Nidhiki than my Toa Nuva where I focused less on aggressively pushing boundaries and more on refining this aesthetic/build style I’ve been working with. I'm very satisfied with how this MOC turned out. It may be one of my best works yet (in this particular style anyways) if I may say so.

...he loved to take a moment of rest whilst feeding the birds in the park and enjoying a cup of coffee.


-- --

CFS Operatives patrol outside a highlands outpost.

Due to recent events happening around the galaxy, several worlds partnered with the Confederacy of Free Systems felt the need to fund and establish several military garrisons. This is meant to reduce the time needed to implement potential contingency plans in the event that their worlds or assets are occupied by outside forces.


Built for Eurobrick's Factions


Note: So the story behind this build is that I originally planned to use this building for another moc, but as I progressed, it felt like I didn’t achieve the look that I wanted in regards to the building. Thus, I took the building, modified it a tad, and bam. This is the end result.

There is nothing like exploring the surface of a previously undiscovered alien planet! Especially when cruising along at not recommended unsafe velocities in one of the Federation's fastest rovers, the Runabout All-Terrain Sport Rover.


Well, that’s at least how Captain Knight feels about it anyway! His copilot on this mission, Commander Sydney Stargazer, hopes her captain doesn't wear out the new rover's accelerator. As it seems to her, he's forgotten where the brake is, or is choosing not to use it. She hasn't decided which one she believes yet.




BTS: The reports of my assimilation have been greatly exaggerated! Man it has been a long time since I've post anything! And even longer for something Nova Team related! The last time, I promised I wouldn't be away for very long and well, life got in the way. Work, family, stuff like that and on top of it, I lost my LEGO creativity. I am truly sorry for that. Sure, I've some done work for Blocks Magazine on and off (actually got some stuff to show you, and something new coming out in a future issue) but I lost the drive to build much, come up with new Nova Team adventures and take pictures.


However, its February, or better known as Febrovery! Over the last few weeks I've been scrolling through Flickr enjoying everyone's wonderful rovers and I felt the itch, the unmistakable LEGO itch! I've been siting on 3 little rover builds for a year or so and never gave them the "Nova Team treatment". So, as 11th hour Febrovery entries I'll be posting photos of these rovers over the next few days. I can't wait for your comments!


I'd love to say I'll be able to post a lot from now on. But after these rovers, some Blocks stuff and maybe a few throw backs from old projects never seen here before, that'll be it for a bit. We're about to make big family move, and work is crazier than ever. But with some luck and a lot of hard work, later this year I hope it'll be easier for me to get back into this hobby that I love, start building again and more importantly, have new Nova Team adventures! Thanks always for the comments and support. I've always apricated them.




To learn more about Nova Team's other adventures visit their album:


Inspired by the toe of the Adidas shoe set

More photos


This is a MOC that I've been working on since October 2020, but the character dates back to January 2020. I was having a conversation with a friend about the villain in F-Zero GX (named Deathborn) and he misremembered the name as Lord Overdeath. I decided I had to build Lord Overdeath immediately. I compiled a list of ideas and reference pics and asked my friend Neal (who did the artwork for BioCup 2020) to whip up a sketch of the character (link below)


Mood board and final ref pic


My goal was to create a character that a 12 year old would think is the most badass thing they've ever seen but an adult would only roll their eyes at. Everyone involved in the creation of the MOC had the time of their life with this character and I hope that shows. I'm very satisfied with the results and I'm really excited to show off what may be my best work to date.

A subterranean gladiator forced to compete in a series of intergalactic pit fights.

Mass-produced grunts protecting Dr. Mavelio's underwater base.




Quick build for HeroFebruary. Trying something new with the background, thanks to Alex for the cutout. <3

As powerful as it is nimble.


Another quick build. I've got more Serious™ stuff on the way, but these quicker builds are so fun!

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Proudly presenting my latest Lego MOC build.


Lego Star Wars Anakin's Repulsorcraft MOC


Love the detail on this MOC by @_brickbob_ 👌.


I recently had the honor to do a photo shoot of this MOC and love to share them with you! I will post more in the next days, and you can find some more details below.


Stay tuned and enjoy your evening 👍.




- Designer: @_brickbob_

- Parts: 3267 / Minifigs: 2

- Instructions: EUR 29,99 / USD 38,99

- Kits: EUR 550,- / USD 715,-


Instructions available at @brick_collective.

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I am ready!


I finished my first collab MOC!


Both proud and also happy I have this build behind me 🙏.


As ever, my typical 3 month concentration span has been long reached and especially the free form has been a major challenge.


Now it is down to making some nice production shots and then I wait for my fellow LUG colleagues to release. Mine will be the third posting of the collab after the Egyptian- and Mayan pieces.


My next build is definitely going to be 'lighter' and fun ☺️.


Build on and stay tuned for my next creation 👍.

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