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When the King married in the Spring, the entire kingdom rejoiced. By the first Winter rumors began to spread of strange goings on in the castle, and in the Summer the King took ill. The laws changed, enforced vigilantly by the common soldiers of the King at the goad of a monstrous knight.


Inside the castle a new order reigned, enforced by ghostly wizard duo, a hollow suit of armor with an executioner's blade, and the Queen's axe most of all.


This is my entry for Brickscalibur's Monarchic Minifig Category.


Left to right:

The Soldiers:

The Queen's Justice, and His Hound

A Most Unlucky Guard

The Watcher


The Court:

The Court Magicians

The Fool

The Court Herald

A Portrait of the Queen (Before)

The Queen of Love and Beauty

The Master of Numbers and Letters


The Working People:

The Executioner

The Queen's Confessor

The Butcher

The Maid (Mostly Pictured)

This is an entry into the Brickscalibur Monarchic Minifigures category.


From left to right:


Henry, a poor servant who has just tripped and dumped water all over his master, Lord Gerald's floor.


Captain Thomas, the captain of his master, Lord Gerald's, guard. He is fiercely devoted to his lord.


Lord Gerald used to be a brave warrior and knight but in his old age he has grown paranoid and he believes that everyone, even his own son is plotting to kill him.


Lady Evette used to be the daughter of a mighty lord before she married Sir Arthur, a houseless freelance knight. Now she travels with him and his small group of men to all the jousts in the land.


Sir Arthur was kicked out of his home by his father Lord Gerald after he thought his son was trying to kill him. He now travels the land as a freelance knight, jousting and questing for many different lords around the kingdom. He also hopes to one day become Lord of his father's fief.


Sir Arthur's horse is a horse that belongs to Sir Arthur.


Quentin is Sir Arthur's guard and most trusted friend.


Robert is Sir Arthur's smith that repairs his armor and weapons.


This is my first figbarf so please feel free to constructively criticize it as much as you want.

Another fig-off against @nick_o_1014 on instagram! This one was a Fantasy Cyberpunk fig-off, and thus takes inspiration from Eberron, Warhammer, and the likes. From Left to right:


The Torchbearer, a captain of Cryborg Coporations' army of cyborg undead.


Android of the Blue Flame, the major religious faction.


Rindolf, Soldier of the Quantum Peace Corps (gotta get my Quantum Lands in here somewhere :P )


The Bullet, a mysterious bounty hunter whose identity is completely hidden. Some believe that they are a figment of the imagination. The only ones who have ever seen them are targets or buyers.




[The trans brown spill/splat is a new color from]

A group of four Bounty Hunter gals I made for a fig-off with [MinerEvlGuy Productions] and [[]]

"Run, gang!"

[Fred Jones, Captain Obvious]

See y’all next year lol

I made these versions of andhe's NightKnite and Quickblade's Liberty a while back and figured I might as well post them now.


Let me know what you think!

These are the 8 (of 12) figures that sparked my interest.

Just a bit of digital fun – tried scaling up a Lego lolly by a factor of 6.


Whilst not structurally sound, I removed some internal struts for 3D rendering aesthetics, it was interesting to scale up the proportions and form of such a tiny element.


Submitted for a recent Tartan LUG build challenge, where we were invited to create a studless MOC.


Copyright © Stewart Lamb Cromar 2022 CC BY-NC-SA


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

"Jinkies! There's glowing green ghost goo all over the place!"


["glowing green ghost goo" is ©NoOneYouKnow]

Most of their opponents never realize they're fighting two Jedi at the same time.


This is my minifigure entry for Small Wars 2021- Jedi Minifig

I had a lot of fun creating these characters for the Guilds of Historica CMF challenge. Was also fun to do an edit for them! Enjoy the details of the characters and a write up on GoH.


Flickr | YouTube | | Pinterest | Instagram

Used parts from the 2021 Speed Champion Stingray Corvette to build this single-person speeder.

I've just received this wonderful Elton John Custom minifigure from @minifigurehq and all I can say is WOW It's an amazing custom which even comes with it's own highly detailed Goodbye Yellow Brick Road custom album tile. Yet again more wonderful work from those peeps @minifigurehq

Custom Items From Firestar Toys

"Seamus McKelp! He's been the Seaside Spectre all along. And if it wasn't for you kids, he'd have gotten away with it!"


["glowing green ghost goo" is ©NotMeNoWay]

Used parts from the 2021 Speed Champion Stingray Corvette to build this single-person speeder.

This is what happens when slight gets bored.


Please don't let slight get bored.


First of all, thanks er body for the 100 follower mark, it means a lot to me and I plan to give back with a post at least every week👌. Second, this is my BF4 US Assault class figure. It's been done for a minute just didn't have the time to take a pic.👍

NATO Advanced Infantry:


"Comprised of the best of each military within the reformed North Atlantic Treaty Organization and augmented with the most advanced combat systems the alliance has to offer, NATO Advanced Infantry are the main driving force behind any spearhead or clandestine operation conducted by the organization in their pursuit of combating the growing Eurasian threat."




For the World In Darkness Group.


Expect a scene or two next time I'm home.

'Ello! Kinda a weird title, I know. xD


I'm happy with the color composition of this one, just a simple texture experiment.


Created with: Blender

LEGO Minifigure Part Models: Mecabricks

Rendered with: Blender (Cycles)




Earlier this year I created some 8x8 vignettes using the Batman Movie CMF for the Brickfanatics Website. I've created another four using the TRU CMF here's the second one.

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