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One of these old preserved farmhouses in Sweden.


Texture, Lena-Bem Anna.

old and wise


As far as my eyes can see

There are shadows approaching me

And to those I left behind

I wanted you to know

You've always shared my deepest thoughts

You follow where I go


And, ooh, when I'm old and wise

Bitter words mean little to me

Autumn winds will blow right through me

And someday in the mist of time

When they asked me if I knew you

I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine

And the sadness would be lifted from my eyes

Oh, when I'm old and wise


As far as my eyes can see

There are shadows surrounding me

And to those I leave behind

I want you all to know

You've always shared my darkest hours

I'll miss you when I go


And, ooh, when I'm old and wise

Heavy words that tossed and blew me

Like autumn winds will blow right through me

And someday in the mist of time

When they ask you if you knew me

Remember that you were a friend of mine

As the final curtain falls before my eyes

Oh, when I'm old and wise

As far as my eyes can see

- You are old now, guardian!

- On duty for ever!



Old door

Bamberg. Deutschland

- GOOSE – Old Bathtub Corner @ Cosmopolitan


- [InsurreKtion] Books Lover @ The Liaison Collaborative


- Little Branch – Street Birch Tree @ TMD


- DISORDERLY. - Raspberry Summer @ The Food Court


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Old olive press chimney


A very old building that is still standing by the rail yards in Paris ON. Not much has changed up here in the 25 years I have been living here. I am sure someday it will.


Is there something up with Sliders Sundays?


Happy Slider Sunday

The old pier at Swanage is a must for most photographers and for good reason, here's my take!

Built in 1859 the old pier was not for Victorian ladies to take the sea air but to load Purbeck stone onto ships to be carried to London.

Old Wardour Castle ruins, near Shaftesbury, Wiltshire.


The castle was built in the 1390s for John, fifth Lord Lovel, and remodelled in the 1570s for Sir Matthew Arundell by Robert Smythson. The castle was partly destroyed during Civil War sieges of 1643 and 1644. The bailey was laid out as pleasure gardens in 1776.


A scheduled ancient monument in the care of English Heritage.

An old moated castle from the 12th century. The original purpose of the estate was reportedly to supply the nearby Helmarshausen monastery. Why moated castle? We asked ourselves that during our visit, because there is no water to be seen all around. This is supposed to be related to a moat that was partly drawn around the estate after the Thirty Years' War (or a little later - who knows). At least that's how historians write. Anyway: The moat is gone, the name Wasserschloss is still there. Anyway, I like these very old buildings and their little stories.

old wood skeleton in the Netherlands

Old Coke Works Beddau Wales.

Piedras con Historia / Stones with History


Old abandoned stone house in an old abandoned village.

Detail of the balcony, with wooden supports and beams and beautiful ornamentation in iron forge, of which they are no longer made.

------------------ ooOoo--------------

Vieja casa de piedra abandonada en un pueblo antiguo tambien abandonado.

Detalle del balcon, con soportes y vigas de madera y bello ornamentado en forja de hierro, de las que ya no se hacen.


Old railway sleepers in a row on the shore of the lagoon and Bega River at Mogareeka near Tathra on the Far South Coast of NSW.

Old ferry on Lake Seliger. City Ostashkov, Tver region. Russia.

Designed for transporting people and cars to the island.

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'Old Friends' is a macro photograph of Anemone Flowers.

Ayot St Lawrence old church in Hertfordshire is a picturesque ruin, in the village of the same name, due to the strong dislike of the local squire. Sir Lionel Lyde hated the old building, which was visible from his home, and had it replaced in the late 18th century by a Greek revivalist church on the other side of his manor house. The old church was partly torn down for building materials and was partly ruined for 'romantic effect' in the early 19th century - this process only ending in 1999 when the Ames family donated the graveyard to the Ayot Old Church Preservation Trust. Since then the trust has used English Heritage and Heritage Lottery Fund to conserve the ruins and open the grounds. The old church dates from around 1150AD and was originally a nave and short chancel only. It was remodelled in Early English style in the mid-13th century and a small north aisle was added. A north chapel was added in the early 14th century and the chapel was extended. In turn the former north aisle wall was moved further north and continued the line of the north chapel's wall in the early 15th century. The present tower was finally added over the north aisle about 75 years later, probably in the late 15th or very early 16th century.

viejo muelle de carga Aguilas, Murcia

I have affection to old farm equipment and sites. I am old enough to remember the last work-horses, the day the horse mower was parked for the last time and the first tractor came to my parents farm. How the old uquipment vas changed to be drawn by the tractor and the generations of new mowers and haymaking equipment.

Actually the right machine is for harvesting potatos

Old World swallowtail

Papilio machaon


...on a lantana (Lantana camara) flower.


Photographed in:

Abrantes, Santarém, Portugal.

Hello my amazing Flickr friends !!

Today is an orange day at Color my World Daily and the theme at Crazy Tuesdays is old and new. Of course we have Mr. Teddy bear with us to celebrate Happy Teddy Bear Tuesdays.


Mr. Teddy Bear has a dilemma: old or new ? What do you prefer ? New is exacting and cool and so new and so out of usual … New is the change and the challenge to adapt. But on the other hand: old is reassuring, it is what we are use to … Old is comfort and we know what to expect…


When Mr. Teddy Bear realized his old pencil was almost too old to continue to write his exciting adventures, he went pencil shopping… His old pencil was so awesome but those new guys were so shiny and new… Of course the new pencil will have to learn everything from the old one… so there is no question about throwing away the old pencil (this is the hoarder inside of me speaking ;-) !) But the choice was so difficult… New pencils looked so similar… with no distinctive signs, no character and no experience…. The old pencil was very stubborn and had an opinion on everything… but he had also the best stories to tell… the new guys were very « blah » in the eyes of Mr. Teddy Bear…


Eventually Mr. Teddy Bear will choose one new pencil… and he will try to get use to it and to make it his personal pencil… Until it becomes as awesome as his old pencil… And not so new anymore…


So are team NEW or team OLD ?

Me, I’m in the team OLD !


Happy CMWD and happy CT and happy HTBT to all participants !! And for the rest of us : happy day !!


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments / favs/ general support / happy thoughts!! Stay safe and healthy!! And see you soon on Flickr !!

Old and so Beautiful!


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Looking out of the old Illinois State Bank building in old Shawneetown, you see what is left of what was once a thriving town in Southern Illinois. This was the most important commercial center of the whole state in the early 1800’s. Most of Illinois was an unsettled wilderness at the time this fine brick building was erected. The Marquis Lafayette visited here on his farewell tour of America in the 1830’s. The paper money issued from this bank fueled a growing economy desperately in need of capital. The huge iron vault is still intact and on display inside. Banks were extremely important in the early days of settlement and growth because real money ( specie ) was scarce and reliable paper was crucial for business transactions. The same situation exists today. Farmers who often times got paid for their produce with gold or silver also needed a secure place to deposit their money. This building still stands and was at the time the most magnificent structure in the whole state but the town is now mostly gone, a victim of repeated flooding of the nearby Ohio River and the shifting fortunes of commercial development. Today the sound of crickets chirping can be heard at night and the late summer chorus of cicadas high in the trees resonates and the long forgotten works of ambitious men come to nought. Vanity, vanity… a chasing after wind.

Antigo Pier - Old Pier

Ps - Digital arte



Ceará, Brasil


Art Week Gallery Theme

Ruins and Abandoned Places

28/05 2021

Really old Factory. A Showpiece in the GDR, now just a Shadow of itself ...

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Replica of a galleon moored in the Old Town of Gdansk (Danzig) in Poland.


For this fresh September morning the Motlawa river, where the old galleon moored, was very quiet. I took advantage of this time with no wind or a ripple on the water, to catch the old town with it's beautiful reflections.

There were not many people on the riverfront just two photographers like me to admire and capture the moment.

“Old hands can hold memories of good things.”

— Sarah Addison Allen


Hands from Indian woman with thanks, from Nick Kenrick.


Background with thanks, from Temari


An old man comes walking from Ferran Street to Saint Michael Square, in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, ​​along Pas de l’Ensenyança Street, in times of pandemic.

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