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Burnt orange skies create a glittering surface on the waters off of Lido Beach in Florida.

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The Tiger Lily is a large orange flower that is covered with dark spots on its petals. It can grow up to 3 inches across and has a strong, sweet scent. It is also called "ditch lily," because it can be seen growing wild, in the ditch. The flowers are also edible and are often used in wedding cake decorations, food presentations, etc.


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A sunny tulip from my garden for Tuesday orange day, best viewed large.


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…on a sunny morning brings me joy. #2 of 2


In full disclosure, I spritzed the tiny petals with water and focused on one water spot. Otherwise about as shot. About 2.5 inches/6.35 cm across. This lens magnifies by 2x.


Too dry here! (The green background comes from the leaves, grass and shadows, I suspect.)


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Macro Mondays: Orange

For MacroMondays - Orange, rose from my garden with little photo bomber.


The best wishes to Hans, get well very soon.




Just water with some red and yellow food coloring added to the water to make orange.

Sending love to Hans for a speedy recovery.


Macro Mondays: Orange

"Orange is the happiest color."

Quote - Frank Sinatra


It is a souvenir from Spain, a part of a palm. Although it is a few years ago, that I found it, it still maintains its lovely color ;-)


For the Macro Mondays theme 'One color'

Have a lovely start of this week!


Longwings I've never seen before! Orange Julia. Butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures.

Macro Monday, 3105.2021

#MacroMondays #orange


52 in 2021 challenge - 26. Orange (the color)


Tag 150/365 (2021) Tagetes


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My parents have some fruit trees in their cottage. This weekend I saw the pomegranate tree was blooming, and some of the blooms fell on the floor....they are quite curious and!

HMM flickrs, and....Hans, get well soon! :)

Orange-headed thrush (Geokichla citrina)



Can you tell apart orange blossoms from lemon ones? Orange blossoms are white; lemon flowers have purple blush on the back sides of the petals.


Orange is the color of the sun. It is vital and a good color generally, indicating thoughtfulness and consideration of others.


Edgar Cayce


For Smile on Saturday - Flora in monotone


I love the beauty that rain drops bring to flowers - I believe this is a Tiger Lily- Burlington, NC

Hello my amazing Flickr friends !

Today is a red day at Color my World Daily and we celebrate orange at Macro Mondays.


I must admit, it wasn’t an easy combination for me… Apparently red and orange are very similar to my eye… I’m pretty much sure that red is just orange but slightly darker lol. I had to search for some orange items which are tiny and look good on red background. So that is what I found: my tiny orange pencil… I hope you will like it…


See you later my friends !! I have a video meeting this morning so I have to grab my coffee !!


Mucho, mucho amor for you all !! Have a beautiful day…


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for MM theme

Hello my amazing Flickr friends !


Today is an orange day at Color my World Daily and guess what is theme at Crazy Tuesday ? Orange of course !! Isn’t that awesome or what ?

And we have Mr. Teddy Bear with us since we celebrate Happy Teddy Bear Tuesdays.


Mr. Teddy Bear is very depressed… He is in love and all that but he misses travelling. He would love to take Princess with him and go visit another country… or another planet …

Why not creating his own planet to surprise his love ! Mr. Teddy Bear decided to create an orange planet since it is Princess’s favorite color. He asked me if it was ok to borrow my new caliper stand. Since it was for love I gave me permission. So here we go: an orange planet waiting for Princess. And dont worry, Mr. Teddy Bear has a romantic meal with Champagne planed.


I hope you like my orange planet and see you later my friends !! Have an amazing day !


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments / favs/ general support / happy thoughts!! Stay safe and well!! And see you soon on Flickr !!

Dear friends, thank you all for your views, comments and faves!

And Happy Friday!

For Macro Mondays: "Orange"

“Orange” ,

“Macro Mondays” ,

Orange for Hans,

M & M’s,





United States,



Macro Monday

Theme: orange

Size: less than 3x3 inches


The subjects are a dried Mandarin Orange skin and a few Dahl seeds on a mirror backlighted by natural sunlight and filled with camera flash.


Many thanks for your visit, comments and is always appreciated..


Wishing Hans a speedy recovery!



Hello my amazing Flickr friends !

Today is an orange day at Color my World Daily and the theme at Crazy Tuesday is silver. We have Mr. Teddy Bear with us to celebrate Happy Teady Bear Tuesdays.


As you can see, Mr.Teddy Bear is looking for a silver ring for Princess. Princess loves silver, especially for rings. That is why Mr. Teddy bear is looking at a (priceless) collection of spoon rings. Those rings are made from spoons and are very shiny and eye catching… Spoon rings are very unique and they make an excellent gift. Of course, Mr. Teddy Bear is only looking for a small gift… not an engagement ring yet…I’m sure he will be able to find a beautiful silver ring in this collection. And lets all hope she will like her gift !


I have another meeting this morning so lets all send some positive vibes to Mr. Teddy Bear !! See you later !!


Mucho, mucho amor for you all !! Have a beautiful day…


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments / favs/ general support / happy thoughts!! Stay safe and well!! And see you soon on Flickr !!

Orange Lilies Flowers.

Pidgeon Eyes


Orange or Yellow Irises

Most pigeons have red or orange-colored eyes.


This is largely due to genetics and that’s why the color is passed from parent pigeons to their babies.


The actual eye isn’t red, but the color comes from the concentration of blood vessels that surround the iris of the pigeon’s eye, which is usually yellow or white.


The more blood vessels a pigeon has around the iris, the redder it will look. Fewer blood vessels make the eye look more yellow or orange, which is the bird’s iris showing through.


The deep color of a pigeon’s blood vessels can also influence how red the eye looks.

Sunrise at the coast of Westland, holland

A wordplay with: Orange is the new black:-)

For this weeks theme I used a sliced orange and a half sliced blueberry. I particularly liked how the blueberry has the top middle part that gives more depth to the eye. I used some candies to represent the pellets Pac Man gobbles. :) Photo straight out of camera.


Hope you guys like it. HMM!!!

For Hans

Macro Monday

silhouetted tree

orange sky at sunset

Orange Daylily Flower

Orange sneezeweed along Keebler Pass Rd outside Crested Butte, Colorado


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Stacking orange glasses tiddlywinks on the beads.

Get well soon, Hans!!!

Orange-Vented Mason Bee | Osmia leaiana | Megachilidae


Samsung NX1 & Kiron 105mm f/2.8 Macro

Wide Open | Manual Focus | Available Light | Handheld


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Macro Mondays , May31,2021

Theme : Orange


With the deadly second wave and so many things happening around, photography has taken a back seat. My daughter pushed me to participate in today's challenge.


This was the concept shot I had taken, thinking will redo it with better setup.. but just couldn't push myself to do another take .. so here it is... shot on my phone and highly cropped so please excuse the grains.


Hope you all are safe and healthy in your part of the world.



Editing: Crop, brightness adjustment


Thank you all for your comments and Fav's.


Calendula Orange Daisy

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