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the Hellesee in then Melle Area in June.

Bad weather for about two weeks now. Time to check the harddisk for some good shots from August...

Summer Cauldron/Grass

Xtc - Skylarking (1986)

Track 1: Summer Cauldron

Track 2: Grass


Mr. Breeze

Dauerfisch - Crime of the Century (1999)


Grantchester Meadows

Pink Floyd - Ummagumma (1969)


Wash me clean

K.D. Lang - Ingenue (1992)

Enjoying the trails in summer greenery. Soon there will be a splendid Autumn colour display here.

Edited in Topaz Studio.

Hvidbjerg Strand Beach in July Sun

A lovely display of B/E Susan with a white picket fence. HFF

Texture/Painting in Topaz Studio

The last day of August near Trier / Germany.

It is still warm and friendly in late summer 2021.

The end of the summer flowers is beginning. These BE Susan's will soon fade for the next season.


Nan and I both wanted to thank everyone who commented or faved regarding her 5 year celebration. It warmed our soul and our heart. God Bless!


Post in On1. Texture and effects created in Impresso Pro and Corel Painter.



red currant [ribes rubrum]


Thanks for looking... :)


Do not use this image on any media without my permission. All rights reserved.

"The summer night is like a perfection of thought."

— Wallace Stevens


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♥ Summer Fae, gacha ♥


- Sunflower skin (porcelain tone, shown on Celyon)

- Lipstick (deep pink)

- Summer night eyes (points)

- Ears tattoo (vip rewards)


* All skins is compatible with Ipanema body by Velour ♥


@coming to The Epiphany Event 15 july

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denim suspender skirt


helen raffia hat


@Collabor88 Event

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Штокроза розовая (Álcea rósea)

Sony RX100 M3

Memories of the hot french summer.


Grignan. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France.

--- The Epiphany(Mirror)


Belle Epoque - Summer Vibes - Hat Sky

Belle Epoque - Summer Vibes - Top Sky (L)

Belle Epoque - Summer Vibes - Skirt Sky (L)

Belle Epoque - Summer Vibes - Sandals (L)

Belle Epoque - Summer Vibes - Bag Sky


[Bad Unicorn] Gas Station - Fuel'd Up Gacha RARE

[Bad Unicorn] Gas Price Sign - Blue - Fuel'd Up Gacha

[Bad Unicorn] Gas Can - Fuel'd Up Gacha

[Bad Unicorn] Oil Barrel - Fuel'd Up Gacha

[Bad Unicorn] Soapy Bucket - Epiphany Exclusive (DECOR)

[Bad Unicorn] Tire Stack - Fuel'd Up Gacha

[Bad Unicorn] Ice Box - Fuel'd Up Gacha

[Bad Unicorn] Garage - Fuel'd Up Gacha RARE

[Bad Unicorn] Car Lift - Fuel'd Up Gacha

[Bad Unicorn] Covered Car - Fuel'd Up Gacha

[Bad Unicorn] Car Wash Sign - Fuel'd Up Gacha


Pitaya - Car Wash - Building RARE

Pitaya - Car Wash - Sign Pink

Pitaya - Car Wash - Sink Pink

Pitaya - Car Wash - Power Box

Pitaya - Car Wash - Rain Shower Yellow

Pitaya - Car Wash - Eletric Foam Gun Pink

Pitaya - Car Wash - Eletric Foam Gun Yellow

Pitaya - Car Wash - Eletric Broom Yellow

Pitaya - Car Wash - Personal Gabinet Orange

Pitaya - Car Wash - Personal Gabinet Blue

Pitaya - Car Wash - Foam Bucket

Pitaya - Car Wash - Bucket sponges

Pitaya - Car Wash - Cleaning pot yellow

Pitaya - Car Wash - Cleaning pot blue

Pitaya - Car Wash - Cleaning pot pink



Textures: Topaz & Smart Photo Editor

a young Anna's at the butterfly bush



→ -Sorumin- Village vibe SET -Blogger pack- @Anthem


♥ Full credits at my blog! ♥

This summer has been different, not for the weather, but because I've had it hard to get inspired and to work on my blogging, I felt quieter and less social too...


Somehow the idea of moving back to Spain to be close to my family and friends had been lingering in my head since New Year, and a couple of weeks ago I just got that feeling.... I got to go!


Often can take me ages to decide or choose between options, and I overthink everything! yes everything! lol . But once I make a decision, I need to make it happen and go for it!


After 8 years in London to move back to the Canaries, will be a huge change! organize it all, the packing, paperwork, etc... my God, it's so exhausting!!


I'm glad that back home the summer feeling extends to September and sometimes October, so even if I'll get there in mid-August I will still get to enjoy beach days, and lazy afternoons outdoors.


Since the start of the month, I wanted to put together a picture using all that summer festival style releases, it was becoming so big, and me always tired with work, the move, and the heatwave, I decided to keep it smaller and simpler or I would never finish it! I hope that after the move, once I'm settled I will be able to create more elaborated posts <3


All the credits in my blog HERE <3

"Sweet, sweet burn of sun and summer wind, and you my friend, my new fun thing, my summer fling."

— K.D. Lang


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Summer magic - A view down a seemingly endless tree lined track, imaged by the summer magic of infrared, with the foliage glowing in the sunshine and gently swaying in the light breeze. A surreal, blissful, view into a dreamlike world.


False colour 720nm infrared


North Yorkshire


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Bella Summer Dress from [Aleutia]


Anael bracelet from



Mila. Hair from





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