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Trees in the eveninglight in BW is always a special sight! Although this photo is made low contrast the trees Always keep their black appearance against the sky.


Mijn foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op


Colorful sunrise behind a lonely tree in the heath taken the day after christmas!

Trees reach into the cloudy, overcast sky on a cold winter day in Tyler, Texas.

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Some kind of fluffy topping to these trees lit up a treat in the dawn light.


These trees really caught my driving through Herefordshire, the winter crop just starting to grow so fresh and green!

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The tree at Michaelstone-y-Fedw with late afternoon shadows


51°33'14.62"N 3° 5'13.85"W

Tree growing out of an ancient Mayan temple

Oak tree HDR at Yorkshire Sculpture Park


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In the rice fields of Thailand

A beautiful, lonely tree at the beach of Vourvourou, Chalcidice, Greece.

Found a fantastic woodland full of strange and amazing trees

This tree was beautiful backlit on a clear and glorious winter morning.

The pine is the dominant tree of my region present in most forested areas. The plantation has begun for many years and for economic reasons, especially for timber and resin used as raw material for diverse products. The pines are also dangerous, because they drop needle-shaped leaves covering the ground with a "carpet" of leaves (as seen in the photo), which are very flammable and one of the main reasons of fires in the region.

Windswept trees cling to the side of cliffs overlooking the Golden Gate along the Coastal Trail at San Francisco’s Lands End.

Reflections on the Calder and Hebble Navigation outside Brighouse Town Centre - (Brighouse Echo 27/9/2018)

Eventually found this tree tunnel! Apparently it's in the Ashdown Forest 🤔... Don't believe the lies people!! This is in Halnaker, Chichester!


This lane follows an ancient track along the route of Stane Street, the London to Chichester Roman road. Over the years many have walked along this route forming a hollow way, where the path has sunk down, worn away by centuries of footfall.

Perspective of a small forest, Serra da Estrela, Portugal

Valle Vista Staging Area, Moraga, CA

This tree went down in a summer storm a few years ago. Now it looks like a tree man standing out in our field. Especially in a snow storm like the one we had yesterday.

Ftan, Engadin, Switzerland

I love sunsets as some of you may have guessed but right there with that love is a passion for trees so when I get a chance to enjoy both I stop and soak it in...Have a great weekend my friends! I get to enjoy it with friends and crack of dawn golf! :-) ~Sam

P1250648 - Great Tit - Size - 14 cm

# 294 - 12 July '18 - 16:20 (10:50 GMT)


at - Doddabetta - she is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Mountains - Western Ghats - at 2,637m (8,652 ft) Altitude.


The area surrounding Doddabetta is mostly forested. Sholas cover the hollows of its slopes. Slightly stunted, rhododendron trees, in the midst of thick coarse grass, flowering sub-alpine shrubs and herbs are common, even very near the peak.

There is a reserved forest area around the peak.


Western Ghats - is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Cinereous Tit (Parus cinereus) is a species of bird in the tit family Paridae. This species is made up of several populations that were earlier treated as subspecies of the great tit (Parus major).

The distribution of this species extends from parts of West Asia across South Asia and into Southeast Asia.


DO YOU KNOW - Bats always turn left when leaving a cave 🍁

Happy birding 🐦

In the deep woods of Trinity, Florida.

美麗台灣 鳳凰樹 Taiwan beautiful phoenix tree


A minimalistic landscape for HFF

This towering, neighborhood tree stands on a vacant lot dwarfing the other trees around it. I often wonder what stories it could tell and how it came to dominate the horizon, defying storms and the sawblade. It has a covering of new leaves now, which gives me hope that my country and our democracy will endure through this time of "Trumpian" darkness.


"Trees are sanctuaries, whoever learns how to listen to them, can learn the truth."

~ Herman Hesse


"Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.

~ Winston Churchill

Tree tunnel of parc de Bercy at its best! 🍃

Getting this type of perspective might be challenging as it requires a longer focal length to get a compression effect.


Instagram 500PX

This tree is called "Mathu" in Japan.

From Koishikawa Korakuen Japanese Garden, Tokyo.

Some trees having a quiet conversation in thick fog at sunrise near Carrick, Tasmania.



Pentax K-5

SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR



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One of my most photographed trees on one of the rare winter mornings last year.


Einer meiner meistfotografierten Bäume an einem der seltenen Wintermorgen letztes Jahr.


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Brecon Beacons Wales.

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