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Hellesee near Melle in Lower Saxony

Hücker Moor January Sunset. Ostwestfalen, Germany

Way to the Beach of Julianadorp on a cold January afternoon, Noord Holland, The Netherlands

Colours of a January sunset around the Hücker Moor, Ostwestfalen, Germany

Late Winter afternoon at four o’clock

The sun was rushing off to bed

Where pillowed clouds received it

As it sank to rest.


Five seagulls following the light

Pursued the fading glory in the west,

White arrows in the darkening sky

Following the sun.


Separate and solitary

A single bird made haste

In purposeful pursuit

Fleeing the darkness.


He soared and swooped from side to side,

Powerful, carefree flight

Until six birds vanished

In the Winter sunset.


Beautiful sim! Go visit Fris'Land :)

Took this up on the Grand Mesa two nights ago. The fog was rolling in as a storm approached.

The sun is going down. Although I took this photo in november, it is still the same view and winter mood today;-)


Schloss Bückeburg on a nice January afternoon, Lower-Saxony, Germany

It's winter, but without snow, just a few degrees below zero. Enough to get a bit of frost. Temporally ice art, as soon as the sun touches it, it's gone.........

The winter woods of Plainville, Massachusetts after a brief snow shower.

Finally, the winter is here.... but no snow, just frost, so the waterdrops are frozen now ;-))

A touch of winter visible in the trees and the soft sunlight.

Enjoy this last Friday of this year!!

"Winter" for just 2 night.... just straight out of the camera, I love ice, gives more depth and mystery....


"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

Quote Dorothea Lange


in the Black Forest mountains since yesterday...

The image is taken in January at the Schauinsland mountain

while waiting for the sunset which just began....



Seit gestern ist der Winter zurück in den Schwarzwaldbergen.

Das Foto ist im Januar aufgenommen, bei beginnendem Sonnenuntergang.



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Winter sunset with a Hay rake HFF

Winter trees at sunset at Malshanger, Hampshire.

The goldfinch were having fun in my backyard today and so was I. My berry tree has seen better days but I couldn't refuse the birds looked so pretty. I had no idea they stayed so yellow during the winter.

the First day of Winter ..


well winter has been and gone after a rare arctic front hit us recently .. . its very mild now .

texture by Alicepopkorn






the good news .. it gets lighter for the next 6 months ..

Just back from a quick trip to Grand Teton National Park. It was so beautiful there. However, it only stopped snowing for short periods. We only saw the sun for a couple of hours in 4 days! The mountains never fully showed themselves. But it was fantastic! The wildlife was everywhere and the snow was incredible. In many places such as this, the snow was really to high for me to see over if I wasn't in the truck. Here I kind of put the camera over the mound of snow and prayed I would be able to get it while standing on my tippy toes. It was a true winter wonderland. Just what I was hoping for.


Will catch up with everyone as fast as I can. Can't wait to see what I missed. Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Frozen Vistula River, Toruń, Poland


(Pálava Nature Reserve)

Doode Bemde, Neerijse, Belgium

och nu är både snön och löven borta

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Red barn and oak tree with a coat of ice. Lake Benson Park, Garner, North Carolina. This is part of a photography series I have started of this old oak tree viewed at different seasons of the year. The title was chosen be my friend Suzanne, who wanted a framed print of this picture.

Winter reflections on the Calder & Hebble canal just outside Brighouse town centre

Winter ist, wenn sich auch die Pferde über Schnee freuen.

Winter is when the horses are happy about the snow.

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textures and effects by Remember Remember


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Winter view

Burton Mere Rspb

River Spree in Brandenburg

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