[ - supersampler blue batch - ]
[Examples from my blue period ;]

These Supersampler shots look as though they've been cross-processed, but they haven't been. I've wondered aloud 'round these parts as to what's up with these images. At first, I thought it was the cheap film (from a clearance bin), but now I've gotten the same results from standard Kodak Gold (not even expired). There are only two things that these shots have in common (well, besides the flipped out photographer ;) -- the camera, and the lab. Any thoughts? If a sane person would receive results like this, they'd probably throw a fit, perhaps even engaging in some lovely old-fashioned fisticuffs with the manager. I (of course) simply walked away, staring in amazement like a big kid at these oddities.

Whatever the case, I hope you get a kick out of these curiosities and thank you, as always, for stopping by. Nazdrave (for Annie =)!
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