Aquila passed away on the morning of September 10, 2013, leaving behind a legion of fans that stretched from Louisville to North Carolina to Cleveland to Detroit and beyond.

Aquila was one of the first polar bears we had at the North Carolina Zoo. He was one of the triplets that opened the then new exhibit in the mid 1990's.
After his two siblings passed, he was temporarily back to his birthplace (November 29, 1992) in Louisville Kentucky. Next he went to the Cleveland zoo to spread his charm. He returned to the NC Zoo before expansion began on his new exhibit. At that point Aquila decided to vacation in Detroit for almost 2 years. He returned in April (2013) to educate and excite visitors. He was a great ambassador for his species.

Note: three photos near bottom are of his parents when I visited them in 1977 at the Louisville Zoo. Father, Irsinaki is the one on the platform. Mother, Skeena was swimming laps.

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