Bears from on the road
From Louisville to Indianapolis to Milwaukee to Detroit to Cleveland and finally to Columbus.
Tammyjq41 and I did a 6 zoos in 6 days trip.
The ultimate goal was to visit Willy the polar bear in Milwaukee. All the zoo's we selected were done so with bears in mind. What we didn't expect were all the fantastic brown bears, young and old that seemed to want to play and pose for us. Plus along the way we met some other great species too.
It was a BEAR-tastic trip!

Trip 2 is now being included. We went to Indianapolis Zoo, Milwaukee County Zoo, Brookfield Zoo, and two days at Columbus Zoo.
(I lost all my Indianapolis and Brookfield photos thru my own stupidity.)

Trip 3, we visited Columbus Zoo, The Wilds (no bears there) and the Cincinnati Zoo.
The only bears active or not hiding were the two polar bears at Cincinnati. ~ March 2014

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