The Conestoga in Winter
Winter is perhaps the best time to do night photography. And the worst!

Snow brightens things up, making it much easier to find enough light to capture a decent image. It makes for neat, clean and simple compositions, and it enhances almost any landscape.

But it is cold! The camera doesn't like it any better than I do. It really isn't much fun changing lenses when your fingers are too numb to feel what's going on (and feeling is important in the dark!). Two pairs of long-johns and two more layers over that isn't always enough to keep out the cold and dampness that, as a matter of meteorological fact, are at their fiercest right by the river.

Invariably though, I end up staying out longer than I intend. There is always something more to shoot, new angles to discover, and ever-changing light conditions. It is this diversity--crazy combinations of natural and artificial light sources, extremes of highlights and shadows, the unpredictability and novelty of it--that, from a photographic point of view, keeps me interested, and out late, despite the discomforts.

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