Altered Perspectives
We earthlings live with an ant's-eye view of our environment. Whether driving, hiking or biking, we just naturally see the landscape in cross-section. It's only when we climb or fly that we are reminded that there are other ways to see the world.
Panoramas are a logical way to capture our default, ground-level view of the world. But as photographs, panoramas are hard to comprehend as a single view, and they always seem to feel unnaturally squashed and rather distant. So, I thought I might try bending the rules a little--to see whether the pancake-thin panoramas I've been shooting can be leaven up a little. And since I'm wilfully distorting these images I've capture anyway, maybe I don't need to confine them to perfect rectangles?
But what do you think? Have I gone too far? Broken some cardinal rule, pushing these photos outside the bounds of good taste? Or are these distortions just plain silly? I welcome your comments!
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