Fetch a list of recent public photos from a users' contacts.


This method does not require authentication.


api_key (Required)
Your API application key. See here for more details.
user_id (Required)
The NSID of the user to fetch photos for.
count (Optional)
Number of photos to return. Defaults to 10, maximum 50. This is only used if single_photo is not passed.
just_friends (Optional)
set as 1 to only show photos from friends and family (excluding regular contacts).
single_photo (Optional)
Only fetch one photo (the latest) per contact, instead of all photos in chronological order.
include_self (Optional)
Set to 1 to include photos from the user specified by user_id.
extras (Optional)
A comma-delimited list of extra information to fetch for each returned record. Currently supported fields are: license, date_upload, date_taken, owner_name, icon_server, original_format, last_update.

Example Response

  <photo id="2801" owner="12037949629@N01" secret="123456" server="1" username="Eric is the best" title="grease" />
  <photo id="2499" owner="33853651809@N01" secret="123456" server="1" username="cal18" title="36679_o" />
  <photo id="2437" owner="12037951898@N01" secret="123456" server="1" username="georgie parker" title="phoenix9_stewart" />

Error Codes

1: User not found
The user NSID passed was not a valid user NSID.
100: Invalid API Key
The API key passed was not valid or has expired.
105: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.
106: Write operation failed
The requested operation failed due to a temporary issue.
111: Format "xxx" not found
The requested response format was not found.
112: Method "xxx" not found
The requested method was not found.
114: Invalid SOAP envelope
The SOAP envelope send in the request could not be parsed.
115: Invalid XML-RPC Method Call
The XML-RPC request document could not be parsed.
116: Bad URL found
One or more arguments contained a URL that has been used for abuse on Flickr.

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