Return a list of place IDs for a query string.

The flickr.places.find method is not a geocoder. It will round up to the nearest place type to which place IDs apply. For example, if you pass it a street level address it will return the city that contains the address rather than the street, or building, itself.


This method does not require authentication.


api_key (Required)
Your API application key. See here for more details.
query (Required)
The query string to use for place ID lookups

Example Response

<places query="Alabama" total="3">
  <place place_id="VrrjuESbApjeFS4." woeid="2347559" latitude="32.614" longitude="-86.680" place_url="/United+States/Alabama" place_type="region">Alabama, Alabama, United States</place>
  <place place_id="cGHuc0mbApmzEHoP" woeid="2352520" latitude="43.096" longitude="-78.389" place_url="/United+States/New+York/Alabama" place_type="locality">Alabama, New York, United States</place>
  <place place_id="o4yVPEqYBJvFMP8Q" woeid="1579389" latitude="-26.866" longitude="26.583" place_url="/South+Africa/North+West/Alabama" place_type="locality">Alabama, North West, South Africa</place>
Each place returned will contain its place ID, corresponding URL (underneath and place type for disambiguating different locations with the same name.

Error Codes

1: Required parameter missing
One or more required parameters was not included with the API call.
100: Invalid API Key
The API key passed was not valid or has expired.
105: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.
106: Write operation failed
The requested operation failed due to a temporary issue.
111: Format "xxx" not found
The requested response format was not found.
112: Method "xxx" not found
The requested method was not found.
114: Invalid SOAP envelope
The SOAP envelope send in the request could not be parsed.
115: Invalid XML-RPC Method Call
The XML-RPC request document could not be parsed.
116: Bad URL found
One or more arguments contained a URL that has been used for abuse on Flickr.

API Explorer

API Explorer : flickr.places.find