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Uppr is a simple, bulk uploader utility for Flickr®. Although there are several methods for uploading photos to Flickr, all have their pain-points and limitations to the number of uploads at a time. Uppr helps to simplify the process of getting all your cherished memories stored away on your Flickr account. Simply choose a folder to "watch", then see it chug away. You've got a full 1TB of storage on Flickr for free...let Uppr help you use it!

• Specify folders of images and Uppr will bulk-upload them all
• Includes iPhoto support with ability to watch iPhoto library or subfolders thereof
• Folders are "watched" for changes (i.e. when a new image is added, it is automatically uploaded)
• Specify photoset options to upload all your images to an existing photoset, let Uppr create one for you, or even have Uppr create a photoset for each subfolder!
• You're in control! Assign folder-level attributes such as tags, visibility, privacy, etc that each uploaded image will adhere to

More features are on the way! In the meantime, let us know what you'd like to see. 

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