The Flickr API Changelog


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Real-time Resizing of Flickr Images Using GPUs!

26 Jun 15, 1.27PM PST

SSL all the things! New SSL endpoints for the Flickr API

SSL FOR ALL! 26 Feb 14, 2.00PM PST

Adventures in Jank Busting: Parallax, performance, and the new Flickr Home Page

4 Jun 13, 3.40PM PST

Redis + MySQL = Performance for Hundreds of Millions of People:

26 Mar 13, 8.56AM PST

Here’s a technical how-to for our Uploadr’s drag and drop features – now with folder support! –

10 Dec 12, 2.01PM PST

Soon buddy icon urls will no longer be static if a user changes their icon. Details:

11 Oct 12, 11.57AM PST

We've updated our version 2 series shapes, with help from a script by @cmanning88 - details:

10 Oct 12, 3.44PM PST

Flickcurl, a C library for @FlickrAPI has now been updated with full oAuth support: (CC @dajobe )

7 Sep 12, 9.14AM PST

Love Objective-C? We are hiring several iOS developers here in San Francisco:

21 Aug 12, 6.00PM PST

A request: #dearinternet #dearmarissamayer

This is responding to the site at and the tweets around it. Approved by Shashi / corp comms (via SAW). 19 Jul 12, 9.44AM PST

Working on the @FlickrAPI could be your full time-dream-job. WE ARE HIRING:

7 Jun 12, 5.00PM PST

Nitty gritty on parsing Exif data with JavaScript:

1 Jun 12, 1.59PM PST

We heard you wanted more group APIs. So we made them: Enjoy!

24 May 12, 11.13AM PST

Here's a behind the scenes post on our new HTML5 uploader:

25 Apr 12, 11.15AM PST

More sizes for your apps! Introducing the new 150², 320, and 800 px image sizes.

20 Mar 12, 3.45PM PST

Here's another #sxsw talk from Flickr. @ysaw is presenting "Creating Responsive HTML5 Touch Interfaces" #htmltouch

28 Feb 12, 9.46PM PST

Going to #sxsw? Don't miss the "Geo Interfaces for Actual Humans" talk with our very own @standardpixel #GeoHumans

28 Feb 12, 9.37PM PST

Hacking at @PhotoHackNYC and questions about @FlickrAPI? Tweet us and we'll give you our InstantAPIHelp™

25 Feb 12, 10.17AM PST

Taking photos @PhotoHackNYC ? Share them in our @Flickr group: #phd2

25 Feb 12, 9.35AM PST

RT @flickr Come and join us in New York to build some magic with our @FlickrAPI at Photo Hack Day #phd2

25 Feb 12, 8.45AM PST

Come code with us at Photo Hack Day 2 in New York! #phd2

24 Feb 12, 9.44PM PST

Working on switching to OAuth for your Flickr app? This overview by @jef_poskanzer might be really helpful:

15 Jan 12, 8.35AM PST

Farewell, FlickrAuth - and how you move over to OAuth:

13 Jan 12, 11.37AM PST

RT @dajobe Released Flickcurl C library for Flickr API 1.22 with 9 months of fixes and some OAuth code

28 Dec 11, 8.32PM PST

A glimpse into the code that runs the new geofences feature:

1 Sep 11, 11.13AM PST

Use Geofences to keep your places safe. And Pedobear sad.

30 Aug 11, 10.33AM PST

Congratulations @masondu & @oscargt! @photobot took first-place at @PhotoHackNYC. Great to see another creative use of the @flickrAPI

22 Aug 11, 3.18PM PST

We've added even more awesome push-related API calls - engage the kitten hose!

19 Aug 11, 1.04PM PST

Join Us at the NYC Photo Hack Day!

16 Aug 11, 12.46PM PST

Lessons Learned from the Flickr Touch Lightbox:

21 Jul 11, 8.58AM PST

Don't be so PuSHy

7 Jul 11, 3.49PM PST

Flickr now Supports OAuth 1.0a!

21 Jun 11, 12.15PM PST

Short URLs are bad. Let's try that in full:

1 Jun 11, 3.05PM PST

Did you know about the Flickr API Explorer, now with support for more formats and syntax highlighting? No? Then read this:

1 Jun 11, 2.59PM PST

Our flickr.photosets.getList API method also returns now date_create and date_updated -

24 May 11, 10.30AM PST

Learn more about the Flickr API tomorrow at MIX 11 in Las Vegas:

11 Apr 11, 8.44AM PST

The Joy of Popup Windows

How we made a reliable contextual login experience. 1 Feb 11, 2.23PM PST

Flickr will support authentication via Facebook and Google this Thursday

18 Jan 11, 10.56AM PST

The Flickr Developer Guide is released!

Check out the blog post on for more announcement details. 29 Nov 10, 12.04PM PST

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